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  1. Lmao you need to go to Minneapolis before claiming things like that.
  2. A friend of mine went to golds gym today (I don’t know why) and he said the gym was filled with elderly people working out. Lol
  3. Yeah, I am totally against mobbing people but the owners of the Flames and Jets deserve whatever they have coming. Flames owner invests in oil sands and has 1.5-2.5B in net worth but can’t fork out a million to support the staff that run his business. On top of that has the gulls to demand 300M of taxpayer money to build a new arena. Makes me sick.
  4. This could only happen in philly lmao
  5. There’s no way a team like ours should only beat a team like that by two. No way. Like actually.
  6. It feels like an irresponsible thing to say he doesn’t want the C. I think most players dream of the opportunity. Whether he’s the best candidate or not is debatable though.
  7. I don’t disagree. It’s just been the trend to make the generational talent the C young. We’ll see!
  8. On most teams you’d think Pettersson would be the easy decision. I honestly have no idea if it’s going to Petty, Bo, Edler..? Guess we’ll find out.
  9. Born and raised in white rock. Relocated to Kamloops.
  10. I was in Seattle this weekend and noticed all the Seahawks plates. I think it’s a brilliant idea. I would for sure get a nucks plate. Though my park plates safe pretty tight.
  11. It surprises me how many people are defending LE. I understand we have no control over the situation; but it’s hard to make a compelling argument he provides any value to the team. You think his 6 million hit doesn’t matter? We’re already eating the luongo cap. 6m player on the fourth line on top of that doesn’t seem like the recipe for success. LE is nothing but a burden in my eyes.
  12. Rogers owns SN, rogers own the leafs. It’s unfortunate but hey, that’s smart business. Plus they are the most popular team in Canada other than maybe MTL. They’re playing to their audience. That’s good for ratings.
  13. The culture of the canucks changed a lot in the last year. You could even tell with the media during games. As soon as Pettersson showed up the hate seemed to disappear. It’s hard to exactly say but I’d imagine having him on the team is playing a major role in people wanting to play here.
  14. You’re supposed to move away from PG, not to it haha.
  15. The Vancouver Canucks are closing in on a contract with free agent winger Micheal Ferland, reports Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman. Ferland is one of the most high-profile names remaining. This is pretty awesome news. It’s going to be an exciting start to the season this year!
  16. I couldn’t agree more. He’s generational talent. It would be a massive fumble that they would feel for years.
  17. 33. The Oilers’ future is about as bright as fossil fuels.