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  1. Annette before Frankie goes to Hollywood.
  2. LOL! Count me in.
  3. Good times.
  4. Best reply ever, well done SW. As for the trade, glad to see Benning likes meat and potatoes more than flakes.
  5. C-
  6. The only guy on that panel that is worth listening to.
  7. so, the PP looks good.
  8. Well, statement made by Mak, nice play Bo!
  9. Miller beats Bennett
  10. Agree. Vrbata was playing lights out a few weeks back but his play has cooled down significantly. A bit of a streaky player, hopefully he will catch another wave soon. Matthias had a bigger physical presence in game 2, his whole line did, and that is what we need in game 4.
  11. in Game 2 the Canucks clearly had the physical presence over the Lames, our 3rd and 4th lines as well as our D put on a hit parade. Yes, we were outplayed in game 3, Cgy got the momentum and ran with it, but the series is far from being over.
  12. Did you miss game 2?
  13. Hope you are right Nino but my first impression watching the replay was Hamhuis purposely lunging a bit towards Bennett's head which surprised me at the time...
  14. Can't see the NHL suspending Burrows over that call, however, Hamhuis may get suspended for his intentional hit to 18 year old Bennett's head.