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  1. There is a reason he is constantly singled out.
  2. So , dr Henry's suggestions he ignored dont mean anything? It's just another example of bad judgment. Ya , there are places you can go now, and to keep everyone safe , there are safe practices asked of people when they go there. With his history of immaturity, you would think the kid would be smart enough to at least follow safety protocols to avoid looking like an idiot again. Like seriously , with ur history you pick a nightclub, and do nothing in the way saftey measures suggested? That to me is immaturity. It's more then Virtanen going to a club. It's the overweight camps , and all the inconsistent on ice effort that adds up to why it points to a bigger problem with this pick they made.
  3. Ya , during a pandemic, not practicing social distancing, while the freaking NHL is testing all the players to try and get the league up and running again. Normal circumstances, who cares. For me, its stupidity to go to a night club as a pro athlete about to possibly take part in a sport that requires close contact during a pandemic.
  4. The timing was terrible. Has nothing to do with a hockey player going to a club.
  5. Look, I'm all for having fun, but when is this kid going to learn? U dont think this is a bad idea Jake with all these players testing positive?
  6. Holtby has a .897 sv percentage this year. He had a terrible year.
  7. Rosen, who's name is on the article, had him at 7. I think that was the highest he got of the lists made.
  8. I'm not even going to write much here . Almost everything has already been said. Some of these idiots didn't even have him ranked for God sakes. Thinking staff reviews might be a good idea over there .
  9. The king of early round ko s. If he was a guy that relied on cardio to end fights , I would be more skeptical.
  10. Would u agree Tyson looks better than Forman did ? Michael Moorer was no joke. He had just beaten a younger than him Holyfield before losing to forman.
  11. Maybe. Everyone said the exact same thing about Forman, and Forman looked like sht when he came back.
  12. I think you might be surprised. Lots of reports saying Tyson is not a joke right now . Probably one of the most physically gifted boxers of all time. He just might shock everyone . We shal see i guess.