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  1. Pisss
  2. When does this Boucher kid play
  3. Amd the shutout goes chaput
  4. The Hairy kneel it remains hey? I was told our team needed a leg up I figured while it was up there might as make it silky smooth.
  5. Cant wait. I even shaved my legs for this
  6. He s basically built like bieksa , just a few inches shorter
  7. You rang? Did I win something?
  8. Ya baby 10th goal 11th goal 12th goal
  9. Guess there is even less of a chance of a true rebuild now
  10. Yeah not sure. He could play with them.
  11. I think he s guna suprise you. Ive seen him play a few times in junior and NHL. If he plays to potential , hes a very good pickup imo