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  1. Yeah I really doubt they knew it would put his long term health in danger , and told him to play anyways. This is not Any Given Sunday.
  2. Could be true. I would just assume he didnt talk about it much. Cant see them knowingly ruin the guy for the future.
  3. Yep. Granny probably just downplayed it.
  4. No , I would assume granlund just didnt whine about it. He is apperently very quiet and almost never complains. He wasnt even wearing a brace. Kid is a champ. Dont forget they shut down guddy for basically the same thing.
  5. Agreed. Added to the province article: Finnish hockey writer Tommi Seppälä revealed Wednesday that Granlund has been playing since October with “broken” ligaments in his wrist. That’s a serious injury. It’s not far from what Erik Gudbranson was dealing with when his season came to a halt in December.
  6. Thought it deserved a thread. 1040 and the province said that granlund addmited in an interview today he has been playing with "busted wrist ligaments," as he put it, since late october. 19 goals with that type of injury is pretty amazing. Surgery is scheduled for Friday , and the recovery time is apparently between 3-5 months. Get well soon granny
  7. The fact he got 19 goals like that is pretty amazing.
  8. 1040 just said granny admitted he has been playing with "busted wrist ligaments" since late October.
  9. I think the point is willie feels he knows from experience what the young guys need. Its not always , " throw em in there in all situations for 18 minutes a night." Thats just not willie s coaching style. Not saying he s got the right style for this team necessarily, but u cant say that approach hasnt worked in allot of cases .
  10. They already have.
  11. No , Boucher because he is not backchecking and is defensively weak.
  12. Nice win. Good confidence/ moral booster.
  13. Seriously , worst team in a very long time. Its actually embarrassing. Chuput sure is clicking on that top line
  14. Lol. That has to be a regulation team record.