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  1. Hmmmm. Sounds about right.
  2. Virtanen ? He is guna surprise this year. I'm calling it now.
  3. I was actually just about to post this. Lol. Ur posts have been absolutely bang on IMO. Really nothing to add to them. I loved this trade then , and I still love the trade now.
  4. I never thought we got robbed. I was stoked 100% from day one.
  5. Amen. Those posts drive me nuts too.
  6. Start your own thread. If you are serious , could make for a good one.
  7. Throw Boeser and horvat in the mix and things are lookin pretty good.
  8. Hey guys , The new Canucks radio broadcast rights holder, Sportsnet 650, has officially announced the morning show host. The host will be former global news anchor and politician Steve Darling. It will be strange to what such a familiar news anchor voice hosting a sports show , but I think he should be a good choice. Thoughts ?
  9. Shea Webber outside the Roxy during the 2011 final game 5. He was super polite and mellow to talk to. Was impressed. Seemed like a really down to earth guy. Also met Patrick kane. Not so good. Same night the picture of him getting into a limo without a shirt was taken (January 23rd) . He hit on my girlfriend twice that night, even after he knew she wasn't single. He was a little douchebag. Can't stand the sawed off little goof. Made me feel better the hawks got stomped earlier that night by the Nucks.
  10. 20 pounds heavier and the summer isnt even over yet! Very good sign.
  11. This was the day I became a big fan of his.
  12. This guy never ceases to impress me. I really wish he was still here.
  13. He wasn't playing on the powerplay much. They used him as a shutdown d man against the other teams top lines. That s one of the reasons he said he signed here.
  14. Notice Benning doesnt take risks with guys that have attitude issues ? Proves all the more that he prioritises a winning culture. This is why , for me, it is easy to see his game plan. Those that say the Canucks don't have an identity have not done their homework imo.