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  1. Ya that was a bullet. Dont see many slappers on a breakaway.
  2. It wasn't just the play in 2011, it was also the emotional attachment. They were a fun group to follow as well as watch. Add the bourdon tragedy , the Pyatt tragedy , and a team full of guys we drafted take over the team and u have a city that came together for more then just hockey. The sedins were still in their prime, burrows and Kesler putting on side shows and ripping teams apart , salo battling through ball pain , Hordichuk playing pranks and throwing down , Rypien fighting guys twice his size , Bieksa doing superman punches , Ehrhoff picking water bottles of the oppositions nets , and bigger then life Lu and all that came with him..... And so on. Its not the same , and the let down was huge. We wont gather steam until we have a new core of exciting players. We have a few pieces , but it is going to take more then a few maybe s and some actual success to get fans back in the seats I think. Fans will pay the prices..... We know that.... Just not for this ......whatever this is. Its not just fans at games. Even CDC has become a ghost town in comparison to back then. A thread would take about 6 hours before getting bumped to the second page. Now they sit in Canucks talk for a week.
  3. Yeah and a whopping 7 seconds in the third
  4. Pretty early to "open a case" no? That being said, probably should have played the opener , but Whatev. Not a huge deal imo. Wake me up if he hasnt had PP time by november.
  5. We can't afford to loose another d man.
  6. He's been going on that .1 % for how long now? Lol.
  7. Lol. Priceless.
  8. I figured I wait till 25. Me likey too
  9. If playoffs are a reality later in the season , maybe. Other then that , reduced ice time is all you might see imo.
  10. Put Megna and Chaput on waivers
  11. Awesome Beary. Thanks
  12. SUPER power forward ?
  13. Fart in the wrong direction now a days and ur labeled a racist.