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  1. But wouldn't four consecutive 1st round picks from Boston be tempting for the Jets? Edit: (Unless I'm misunderstanding the rules of offer sheets, etc)
  3. Canucks @ Oilers Friday, March 18, 6 PM PST

    Ok its probably because I'm being especially dumb, but what does the nickname "Coilers" in regard to the Oilers refer to/mean. Thanks in advance!
  4. Nikolaj Ehlers' visor broke when he was struck by the puck, resulting in an eye injury. Ehlers has blood in his eye chamber, but beyond that the severity of his injury is still being determined. He'll be shutdown complete until the blood dissipates, which means that he won't be engaging in any off-ice activities either. How long it will take to dissipate is still being determined. Winnipeg has called up J.C. Lipon for now.