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  1. i think he will still train more
  2. I STILL HAVE kESLER 17 lol
  3. until the Canucks learn to WIN the cup i refuse to watch Canucks from the stadium... fan for 20 yrs...
  4. Tanev- Gudbrandson / Hutton- Edler / - Biega - Tryamkin = want to see this Conditioning and growth: Penden/ Larson / Sbisa
  5. they have proven when given a chance to win a cup they failed to score and got messed with thats why it comes back every year and the Sedins can only shut us ppl up by WINNING THE CUP no buts.....
  6. il take Hartnell cause he stabbed the Canucks 6-1 last season...
  7. il take Beiga over Spiesa anytime....
  8. id like to see Virtanen- Horvat- Etem or try ? Burrows is back up now when players are injured or when players are fed up w the Sedins lol those 3 can still can it togther lol
  9. Are we forgetting we have unconditional pick w the hurricanes we can stab a good player - at will as we traded Dane FOX
  10. one thing i remember what Willie said: " no line is treated as a "rank" all 4 lines are treated like #1
  11. its never fun to watch a team get HAMMERED..
  12. if u want more sales learn to Win and earn ur fans back. including the ones that were faithful to this team 4 many years
  13. Christian Errhoff the LEGEND <3 I HOPE dUBIOS can be better.
  14. People are sad because - we wanted Matthews 1st overall - this team could use another Bure type player!!!
  15. Jam this team is due 4 a Stanley cup emm the part when u said those ppl will never be happy ya sure i took out those $&!#ty Canucks and found myself a reliable fiance .. until then the Canucks dont deserve the attention with a so call " winning team" no happiness 4 losing...