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  1. [GDT] Canada vs U.S.A., semifinals

    To the people who think Price is in the same level as Quick please take your homor glasses off and leave.
  2. [GDT] Canada vs Latvia, quarterfinals

    Hahaha well played.
  3. [GDT] Canada vs Latvia, quarterfinals

    It's a forum people state opinions and back it up with facts, if people don't agree with something let em state their opinion.
  4. Don't hate on the Bob McKenzie of CDC.
  5. So they don't have to play a qualifying game if they lose?
  6. That is such bullish!t
  7. This Fins team isn't good enough to expose Price.
  8. Man Finland better win this game like 7-4.
  9. Superbowl XLVIII

    Never seen QB get fracked over by his defense than Manning, they got torched by Flacco.
  10. Superbowl XLVIII

    How the hell can people hate such a classy and humble guy like Manning with a passion?
  11. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    Back when Cena was a mid carder he made the US title more importent than the world title, so Cena on the mid card wouldn't work.
  12. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    frack you, Bryan doesn't have the look.
  13. If he had to pick between Preds or Canucks, it would be Canucks he just made a mistake with that contract.