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  1. there's more than 1 factor going on with the 'Hawks. (add all of these up and it really explains things) 1) Crawford isn't "stealing" any games... at all! He's being "average" at best 2) Defense hasn't showed up to support Crawford. Average+all day in the slot=goals 3) 3rd line is simply awful! This actually goes back to the Wild series in how Haula looked like the best player for the Wild vs the 'Hawks, and now the 'Hawks have to face a better 3rd line on the Kings and they still have no real answer for them. So to sum up.... average goalie+D allows all day in the slot+a whole line not showing up=elimination
  2. Can I remind you of this come playoffs?
  3. let me start off by saying, good for the Canadian womens team for not giving up and taking advantage of the PP in OT. They don't make the calls, and they (nor anyone else) would say to the ref; "naw, we shouldn't be on the PP.. please make another call so it's not a PP."That said, I've never seen worse officiating than this years womens hockey in the Olympics. I believe it was 4-5 games where the refs directly impacted the way the game would end (with waving off good goals, allowing non-goals, getting in players way, etc.) With this game, they actually did it TWICE... once for each team (and I'm not talking about non-penalty calls.) First; they did a great job of getting in the way of the Canadian D-man allowing the US to take a shot down the ice (I was glad it hit the post once Canada tied it up, because if not... they would have handed the US the gold medal.)Second; the slash... warned or not, unless you are talking about a clear slash to the hands or head (or even torso) this call should NEVER have been made. Was it a "make-up" call? Ok, I can swallow that. But then the "cross-check" shouldn't have been called since A) it wasn't a cross-check and their feet got tangled up (that's the only part that touched between the two players.)
  4. what exactly aren't you sure about? (I don't think I need to put this behind a "spoiler" tag, do I?)
  5. then for the love of all things holy don't read our spoilers!!!!! Yes the 2nd half is wayyyyyy too epic for words!
  6. 1) I agree... my cousin send me a txt asking the same question I posted, which I think is a good question considering how things happen in the "Who-verse" another question listed below...
  7. which half got cut out?
  8. I actually ripped the audio from this so I could listen to it whenever I wanted
  9. ok a couple of questions to toss out for those of you that have seen it...
  10. anyone else hear River saying "spoilers" every time someone posts a spoiler?
  11. watched it earlier today... I soooooooooo wish that the regeneration would happen in that episode as well
  12. I actually feel like the older 30min episodes feel more rushed since they only had 30min to get the story done (or at least that part of the story.) Which does work in some cases (the trial storyline worked great with that kind of time frame) but others would be better suited with the hour shows (I would have loved it if they were able to do the key to time in hour long segments rather than 30min fragments.) But speaking of the older shows, I think the new doctor could have that feel due to having more of the "elder statesman" look going for him (but I'd LOVE to see more of a Patrick Troughton-type of Doctor.)
  13. it's not just you. I personally think it's part "Smith" and part writing. He's just not commanding enough (he has his moments) to make you feel like he's in charge... he feels more like just a smart companion. I thought it was due to Amy, but I still see it without her now. It's not "garbage" but it feels more like a "well... this is just for now, till we figure things out."
  14. it's more the perception than the reality and the fear of actually trying it here (has it really been tried here?) Look at your post in the 80s metal thread and the remark above about nu-metal. Sure there are people that would gladly pay to see Cinderella, Skid Row, Extreme, Megadeth, Fear Factory, Linkin Park, Leaves' Eyes, etc. But is there enough support for a festival like that to sell enough tickets to make it worth it?
  15. I was listening to an interview with Dave Mustaine where they asked him about the difference between US music festivals and those done in Europe, and I think he hit the nail on the head. Basically he said how broad most of the EU taste is when it comes to hard rock and heavy metal while the US is much more focused and direct, not wanting to venture too far off in one direction or the other. His festival (Gigantor) had Dream Theater, Megadeth and many other different types of bands on the bill.. which wouldn't "fly" in the US because people would complain about DT being on the list and ask; "why didn't they get _____ to play instead?"