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  1. [Signing] Wild sign Thomas Vanek

    sounding like he took less to play for the Wild. Guessing Ballard had some pull (they were teammates at Univ. of MN) plus it helps having another former teammate in Pommy on the squad.
  2. [Signing] Wild sign Thomas Vanek

    as good of a signing this is for the Wild, they still need to get stable in goal before a REAL playoff run can happen. Backs=old, Harding=not reliable (which kills me to say because he's such a great guy,) and Kemper=unproven as "the starter" and focal point of the team in net.
  3. WcF: Chicago Blackhawks vs Los Angeles Kings

    there's more than 1 factor going on with the 'Hawks. (add all of these up and it really explains things) 1) Crawford isn't "stealing" any games... at all! He's being "average" at best 2) Defense hasn't showed up to support Crawford. Average+all day in the slot=goals 3) 3rd line is simply awful! This actually goes back to the Wild series in how Haula looked like the best player for the Wild vs the 'Hawks, and now the 'Hawks have to face a better 3rd line on the Kings and they still have no real answer for them. So to sum up.... average goalie+D allows all day in the slot+a whole line not showing up=elimination
  4. [GDT] Women's Hockey Gold Game

    Can I remind you of this come playoffs?
  5. [GDT] Women's Hockey Gold Game

    let me start off by saying, good for the Canadian womens team for not giving up and taking advantage of the PP in OT. They don't make the calls, and they (nor anyone else) would say to the ref; "naw, we shouldn't be on the PP.. please make another call so it's not a PP."That said, I've never seen worse officiating than this years womens hockey in the Olympics. I believe it was 4-5 games where the refs directly impacted the way the game would end (with waving off good goals, allowing non-goals, getting in players way, etc.) With this game, they actually did it TWICE... once for each team (and I'm not talking about non-penalty calls.) First; they did a great job of getting in the way of the Canadian D-man allowing the US to take a shot down the ice (I was glad it hit the post once Canada tied it up, because if not... they would have handed the US the gold medal.)Second; the slash... warned or not, unless you are talking about a clear slash to the hands or head (or even torso) this call should NEVER have been made. Was it a "make-up" call? Ok, I can swallow that. But then the "cross-check" shouldn't have been called since A) it wasn't a cross-check and their feet got tangled up (that's the only part that touched between the two players.)
  6. usa vs russia streamed?

    actually what I'm upset about is that shouldn't the whistle have been blown at some point before the shot or the ref come in and adjust the net? oh and I'm from the US, so it greatly benefited my team this time
  7. usa vs russia streamed?

    wow... hardly a peep about officiating when they have made bad calls on key goals (nothing about Canada womens getting a gift goal that should have been waved off, Russia getting a goal waved off that should have counted.)
  8. [Hockey Related Only] Team Canada Thread

    sadly, I didn't get a chance to watch the rest of the game... but I also heard the US was allowed 2 timeouts as well... with how bad it was being officiated, it wouldn't surprise me in the least. But all that aside, I sure look forward to the re-match for the gold medal because you know both teams will leave it all on the ice.
  9. [Hockey Related Only] Team Canada Thread

    the blown "too many men" calls and 2nd goal for Canada also made it almost unwatchable. Too bad, because it was an entertaining game otherwise.
  10. Poll: men's Olympic hockey

    ok... who voted for cheering for the US team? *quickly hides his Team USA jersey*
  11. 'American the Beautiful' Coke ad backlash

    no I was saying population overall, not just one side or the other. If you took 100 skinheads and put them in LA or NYC, would they get noticed? You put those same 100 into Buffalo Wyoming, and they get noticed. Point being, you still have 100 racists. I bring this up because I've taken road trips thru a lot of the mid-west of the US and reside in a state in that area and people always seem to lump us all in as "flyover" country that isn't nearly "advanced" or accepting as those on the coast, when in my travels, I've met people of many cultures from many parts of the world (both tourists and locals) and they are happy they came to that part of America. Even in the "deep south" I find those people.
  12. 'American the Beautiful' Coke ad backlash

    I just love how people think that NY and Cali are sooooo "progressive" and accepting of everyone while places in the middle are too "hillbilly" to be more accepting of other cultures. You can easily find places within those states (and major cities) where racists and bigots reside... but they are allowed the luxury of being able to still be more "hidden" among the mass of other people nearby while in a more rural area you are much more exposed due to the lack of large population.
  13. I play in a league where they actually have a "beginner" level for people who've never played before. They actually show you how to put the equipment on and everything. Because of this, I've seen people in their 50s and 60s pick up a stick and play a few years (the oldest player I've seen was in his early 80s.) As already stated, look for a league (or group) that has something along those lines (beginner friendly) and have at it!
  14. Doctor Who

    what exactly aren't you sure about? (I don't think I need to put this behind a "spoiler" tag, do I?)
  15. Doctor Who

    then for the love of all things holy don't read our spoilers!!!!! Yes the 2nd half is wayyyyyy too epic for words!