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  1. WcF: Chicago Blackhawks vs Los Angeles Kings

    there's more than 1 factor going on with the 'Hawks. (add all of these up and it really explains things) 1) Crawford isn't "stealing" any games... at all! He's being "average" at best 2) Defense hasn't showed up to support Crawford. Average+all day in the slot=goals 3) 3rd line is simply awful! This actually goes back to the Wild series in how Haula looked like the best player for the Wild vs the 'Hawks, and now the 'Hawks have to face a better 3rd line on the Kings and they still have no real answer for them. So to sum up.... average goalie+D allows all day in the slot+a whole line not showing up=elimination
  2. [GDT] Women's Hockey Gold Game

    Can I remind you of this come playoffs?
  3. [GDT] Women's Hockey Gold Game

    let me start off by saying, good for the Canadian womens team for not giving up and taking advantage of the PP in OT. They don't make the calls, and they (nor anyone else) would say to the ref; "naw, we shouldn't be on the PP.. please make another call so it's not a PP."That said, I've never seen worse officiating than this years womens hockey in the Olympics. I believe it was 4-5 games where the refs directly impacted the way the game would end (with waving off good goals, allowing non-goals, getting in players way, etc.) With this game, they actually did it TWICE... once for each team (and I'm not talking about non-penalty calls.) First; they did a great job of getting in the way of the Canadian D-man allowing the US to take a shot down the ice (I was glad it hit the post once Canada tied it up, because if not... they would have handed the US the gold medal.)Second; the slash... warned or not, unless you are talking about a clear slash to the hands or head (or even torso) this call should NEVER have been made. Was it a "make-up" call? Ok, I can swallow that. But then the "cross-check" shouldn't have been called since A) it wasn't a cross-check and their feet got tangled up (that's the only part that touched between the two players.)
  4. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    it's more the perception than the reality and the fear of actually trying it here (has it really been tried here?) Look at your post in the 80s metal thread and the remark above about nu-metal. Sure there are people that would gladly pay to see Cinderella, Skid Row, Extreme, Megadeth, Fear Factory, Linkin Park, Leaves' Eyes, etc. But is there enough support for a festival like that to sell enough tickets to make it worth it?
  5. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    I was listening to an interview with Dave Mustaine where they asked him about the difference between US music festivals and those done in Europe, and I think he hit the nail on the head. Basically he said how broad most of the EU taste is when it comes to hard rock and heavy metal while the US is much more focused and direct, not wanting to venture too far off in one direction or the other. His festival (Gigantor) had Dream Theater, Megadeth and many other different types of bands on the bill.. which wouldn't "fly" in the US because people would complain about DT being on the list and ask; "why didn't they get _____ to play instead?"
  6. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    if you've never heard them, listen to the album "Slave to the Grind." It's less "commercial" than the first album and has more of an edge to their sound (not to mention a great line that people forgot; "you can't be king of the world if your a slave to the grind."
  7. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    since 80s metal was mentioned... might as well get the conversation going here again. what good metal bands unfairly suffered when the "80s metal" scene died? two bands I always think of is Tesla and Skid Row. I never felt either band fit the mold of "hair metal" for different reasons. Tesla always seemed more of a "hard rock" type of band that was more like Aerosmoth rather than Poison. Skid Row is on the other side of that... meaning they were more "metal" sounding than a lot of those other "hair bands." No they weren't Metallica, but they were easily more heavy then Motley Crue.
  8. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    ever watch "Decline of Western Civilization Pt. 2?"
  9. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    I've seen the "Journey" DVD (actually own it... which is what made me excited when he was doing the Rush movie.) But not the Global Metal... how does it differ from the other things he does?
  10. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    Megadeth Flaw Fear Factory (older) American Head Charge (only their first album) Katatonia Sirinia (be selective on which albums you buy, they've had a few different singers... some good... some not so good.) Thin Lizzy (seriously, listen to more than just "Jailbreak" and "Boys Are Back...")
  11. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    yeah it's shocking to see the list of bands that aren't in STILL... -Kiss (say what you will about them, but they should be in) -Steppenwolf -Steve Miller Band -MC5 -Yes -Moody Blues -Chicago -Judas Priest -Motorhead -Thin Lizzy -Iron Maiden -Steve Ray Vaughen again, these were just off the top of my head, there is a TON of others that should be in already.
  12. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    it's probably the best look at how metal came to be along with many of the major sub-genres. And the best part is that he dug up a few things that I doubt people picked up on. I also suggest watching That Metal Show on VH1 Classic as well (if you haven't seen that yet either.) ok new topic... best metal/hard rock band NOT in the rock and roll hall of fame? I'd have to go Deep Purple (off the top of my head)
  13. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    chewy... did you watch the VH1 Classic mini-series on the evolution of metal? It was done by the same guy that did the Rush doc., I think his name is Sam Dunn. He does a great job of showing how metal's roots are tied directly to classical music.
  14. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    sorry... we get side tracked very easil... hey I found a quarter on the floor...
  15. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    how could you have not liked this one...