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  1. What's Jake's nickname?

    Big country eff ya
  2. [Official GDT] Flyers vs Canucks 7PM

    Rookie movement. Engage. Here we go! 6-2 knuckleheads win!! 
  3. Jared McCann Goal Horn

    I like Miley..came in like a wrecking balll
  4. Jared McCann Goal Horn

    I like Miley!! Came in like a wrecking ball!
  5. [GDT] Game 3 | Canucks @ Ducks | 12.10.15 | 7 PST/10EST

    Damn shame about kass. These other kids, baer vey etc; are terrible
  6. Enough is Enough, Get A Telephone Man!

    Hardly noticed home yesterday
  7. How lucky are Canucks fans?

    Lucky fans yea. A cup would be nice, in their careers..and our lifetime.
  8. Is the Rebuild ahead of schedule?

    The kids looked good in exhibition hockey. Hopefully a sign of good to come. Seems we have been plagued for some time.
  9. [Official] 2015 Canucks Training Camp Thread

    Who is wearing 12? Anyone?
  10. Interesting insight into how Brandon Prust sees his role.

    [quote name="Mr.DirtyDangles" post="12913491" timestamp=" I look forward to the pitbulls lool Prust and Dorsett's intense 10-12 min of action packed ice time per game.
  11. Interesting insight into how Brandon Prust sees his role.

    100% Kass will explode next year. We will be stuck with prust for two years until he retires. Kassian will explode. 20+ goals next year.
  12. Our future with Cole Cassels

    Cassels or gaunce
  13. Andrey Pedan

    ^ this is good news.
  14. Why is it the Canucks are being written off before the puck drops?

    I'm not writing the boys off yet. Neither should you !