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  1. Donald J. Trump, 45th US President of the United States

    I'm not trying to equate blame to both sides. I was simply trying to point out that both sides were indeed violent, not equal in their violence, not equal morally, but that both sides firmly crossed the threshold into political violence. This is something that should never be tolerated. Bashing a Nazi doesn't make them any less a Nazi. They still hate you. Just as the Nazis bashing an Antifa will not make that person any less an Antifa. Ideological leanings aren't change by bashing each others brains in as much as people want to believe it. Fair enough. This wasn't about "worshiping Nazis" in any way, shape or form. Instead it was about decrying the toxic us vs. them mentality that is increasingly seeping its way into American politics that has led them down this path of ever growing divisiveness. Now you have fringe elements on both sides of the political spectrum looking the bash each other whenever possible. Every divided group is looking to assign blame for their problems and shortcomings to someone else rather than focus on a solution to them. Like I said to CHP, bashing people's skulls in doesn't change their mind. I think people would be better served taking Daryl Davis' approach to dealing with bigotry, you know someone who has actually changed people mentally and not physically. Preach.
  2. Donald J. Trump, 45th US President of the United States

    http://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/u-s-has-3-5-million-more-registered-voters-than-live-adults-a-red-flag-for-electoral-fraud/ Let me sum this article up quickly for you, the US has 3.5 million more registered voters than live adults. LA County: 112% (=707000 voters), San Diego County: 138%(=811000 voters), in total 11 counties in California had more registered voters than could possibly be eligible, 10 which were heavy blue. Does this mean voter fraud positively 100% happened? No, but we would be kidding ourselves if we didn't believe it didn't happen in some capacity. What does this mean for the election? Nothing, California is deep blue and would never go to Trump ever, but it does weaken the popular vote argument. That couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact that the Barcelona attack was declared a terror attack by the PM of Spain, the Barcelona police, and the Spanish media all before Trump made that tweet. Meanwhile, James Fields STILL hasn't been charged with domestic terrorism as was being floated around the day of his attack (which I believe will be found terroristic in nature at some point) AND he just had 5 additional felonies added to his charges. http://www.cnn.com/2017/08/18/us/charlottesville-james-alex-fields-charges/index.html Well Al Sharpton and Angela Rye among others have sure made this age well haven't they? http://insider.foxnews.com/2017/08/16/al-sharpton-jefferson-memorial-charlottesville-white-supremacist-violence-donald-trump https://www.aol.com/article/news/2017/08/18/cnn-angela-rye-calls-for-all-washington-jefferson-and-lee-monuments-to-be-taken-down/23152030/ http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2017/08/16/jackson-washington-park-protest-presidents-slave-owners/ Now to the real meat and potatoes. Sorry in advance for the wall of text, but I feel the need to get this off my chest. I am convinced that some people is this thread (from what I have glossed through in the previous 15 or so pages) have not been paying ANY attention to American news other than when Trump opens his mouth. The current political climate in the US has been a LONG time coming to reach this point. I believe this to fall squarely on the shoulders of identity politics and how it helped to shape political discourse. The first movement to start the current divide in the US was Occupy Wall Street. This started in the far off year of 2011 and created a divide between your average, everyday American and "the 1%", with whom the mortgage collapse and everything bad that happened in the previous 3 years was laid squarely at their feet. This is important as it created the first class divide in the US, that between social classes or the bourgeoisie and proletariat to our Anarcho-Communist friends that we will get to know. More importantly, Occupy Wall Street's methods were tame compared by today's standard of "protest", their demonstrations were not abound in political violence, something that can hopefully be achieved again soon. The next division of classes in America was that of race. The death of Trayvon Martin and the acquittal of George Zimmerman caused massive outrage (I know, understatement of the year here) and the subsequent creation of Black Lives Matter (BLM). This incident pushed racial inequality to the forefront of American politics. In also moved the needle on what form of protest the public was willing to accept. Major metropolises across America burned in riots, looting and marches, then Ferguson burned after Michael Brown's death, Baltimore after Freddie Gray's, St. Paul after Philando Castile and Milwaukee after Syville Smith. Now the latter gave us a key insight into how far the racial divide had grown in America. Now I'll excuse everyone in this thread for missing this as it was deliberately edited out of footage that was being shown on the likes of CNN at the time. As you'll see in this link and emotional Sherelle Smith, sister of Syville Smith, implores the gathered crowd to not burn down their own neighbourhoods, but to rather "take that s**t to the suburbs" and "burn that s**t down" because "we need our s**t". As one can see rioting has now become the accepted form of American protest, with those aggrieved taking to the streets to demonstrate their frustrations by burning everything to the ground. Systemic racism was to blame and fire was their way to cleanse America of it. This is not the end of racially charged political violence in America,but I will leave it here for now. At the same time that America's ever burgeoning racial divide was happening we witnessed the start of the gender and sexuality divide. The American public's big baddy now shifted to ever smaller demographics. Occupy kicked it off by pointing to the 1% as the sole cause of all that troubled America. This then shifted to systemic racism or, more specifically, white people after the start of BLM. Thirdwave Feminism then kicked off the gender wars. Now America's problems were the result of the "patriarchy" and "toxic masculinity". Thus the American public had a new face to hate cis, white males. Gender pay gap? The fault of those nasty white males. Lack of women in the board room? The fault of white males. Lack of women in STEM fields? You guessed it, white males were to blame yet again. Now those insidious white men weren't only keeping women out of high earning business positions, but also intimidating women in all manners of spaces. Women weren't safe on college campuses due to the prevalent "rape culture" in which 1 in 4 female students would be sexually assaulted before leaving school. First up came the Duke Lacrosse fiasco, well that proved to be false. More recently came the Rolling Stone story about a rape at a University of Virginia frat house. Well, turns out that wasn't quite true either (it was completely made up). Rape culture even made its way north of the border in the Jian Ghomeshi case. Ghomeshi was eventually acquitted, but his acquittal led to cries from certain groups to change how rape and sexual assault cases were tried, changing one of the Western judicial system's core tenements, innocent until proven guilty. Instead, these groups opined and raged for special treatment under the law, no longer did they want the burden of proof to fall on the prosecution, they instead push for what is seen in the civil system, one side just needs to be more believable than the other. This trial and others like it also came with another piece of fallout. All survivors must be believed, the ludicrous notion that you must instantaneously side with a woman making a sexual assault claim lest you be "outed" as a rape apologist or a misogynist. Listen and believe as it became to be known in misogynist circles (he says with tongue planted firmly in cheek) called forth a new form of public political discourse,public shaming. If you don't agree with me you're an X grew in appeal quickly. Soon shouts of MISOGYNIST, HOMOPHOBE, TRANSPHOBE, XENOPHOBE and FAT SHAMER rang throughout the various kingdoms of social media, including, but not limited to, such great lands as Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Facebook and Youtube. Why spend the time to finely craft an argument against your political opponent when you can call them a Nazi and claim the moral high ground, a burden even the skilled Jedi knight Anakin Skywalker couldn't overcome. For those still with me after that attempt at humour, we are not quite done with our multi-coloured hair friend the feminist. Along, with just the general accusations of most men being rapists, men also became the targets of gendered insults via the terms "mansplaining" and "manspreading". With the advent of mansplaining men were no longer allowed to win arguments on the internet (something we already couldn't do in our homes huh fellas, *nudge-nudge). Now when a man corrected a woman with any tone that could be construed as condescending - which can be any tone on the internet, where all the nuance of speech is lost - they are a misogynist. Why would we limit ourselves to just shaming anonymous "trolls" on the internet when we can shame people in real life. New, for the Social Justice Warrior on the go is "manspreading". What's that, what's manspreading you ask? Why simply men spreading their legs in public places. This doesn't seem like a big deal you say? Well that's where your wrong bucko, because manspreading is a subtle wink to male dominance. Go out into that Brave New World with the knowledge that publicly shaming folks with photographic evidence of their crimes against humanity is the hot new trend. Now admittedly, this next point is going to be highly contentious among many, but I bring it up to point out another form a protest that has recently made a comeback, economic sanctions against states or the boycott. States and department stores alike have met the ire of political activists. Whether you are passing bathroom bills or selling Ivanka Trump's wares you too can be at the centre of this ultimately fruitless form of protest. The only thing achieved with this form of protest is the thousands of good-boy points the protester will receive across social media with their virtue signalling to the masses. Virtue signalling solves the protesters need to constantly assuage the narcissism raging just below the surface of their skin. Constant emotional approval from those around them lets the protester that they will indeed "be on the right side of history". This fulfills their truest goal of all, to have their picture in those history books, fighting in the greatest civil rights movement of their lifetime. And what better way to feed your need to be emotionally validated than to cloister yourselves with those who share the same identity as you. Self segregation has become a reality in the constant struggle to create "safe spaces" for minorities. Colleges have taken to designating dormitories for African-Americans, "diversity-minded students", and the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. All this in an effort to make sure no idea goes challenged. Students are even segregating their graduations from these institutions that are increasingly valuing a students identity instead of their academic well-being. To this point, a coalition Asian-American students are currently in the process of suing Harvard for their admittance policy. Diversity policy in the US has gone so far off the rails that the highly achieving minority of Asian-Americans is now actively discriminated against when applying for post-secondary education. This leads us near the close of this argument and to the newest form of protest that currently has America in the throes of chaos, political violence. The taboo on political violence was lifted in recent years most famously in a demonstration on a college campus. Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak at UC Berkeley as part of his tour of college campuses. His appearance was cancelled after members of BAMN and Antifa showed up to protest the event by doing what Anarcho-communists do best, destroy. This included, but was not limited to, public property, private property, and people's faces. A young woman was pepper-sprayed for wearing a red cap (no, not MAGA). A Syrian Muslim man dressed in a suit was pepper-sprayed and beat with a rod; his crime, "looking like a Nazi". Another man was beaten unconscious with flagpoles all while the frothing crowd shouted "beat his a**". 4 people were arrested in Chicago back in November for the violent Grand Theft Auto of a white man while onlookers shouted "don't vote for Trump". A disabled man was kidnapped and tortured by 4 people in January. The assailants livestreamed the assault and repeatedly shouted "f*** Trump" and "f*** White people". Antifa member and Ethics professor Eric Clanton was arrested for using a metal bike lock to crack open the skulls of 4 Trump supporters at a free speech rally in April. In May, Jeremy Joseph Christian shouted slurs at two Muslim women and killed 2 men who had intervened, fatally stabbing them with a knife. In June, Republican congressman Steve Scalise was shot while attending a practice for a charity baseball game. His assailant was James Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sanders supporter, strongly Anti-Trump. Antifa lifted the ban on political violence as a form of acceptable protest with their "punch a Nazi" campaign. The problem is they deem anyone that doesn't with their political doctrine a Nazi, even people just in the wrong place at the wrong time. In this video (WARNING: heavy profanity) a man in all white is grabbed and held against his will by a mob of angry protesters this weekend in Seattle. He is accused of being "alt-right" and "a Nazi motherf**ker" by members of the crowd. Keen-eyed viewers point out that the man appears to be wearing a Star of David necklace at 0:35 of the video as he bends to grab at his bike. The mob attempt to take his phone from him as he struggles to get away. This is a common tactic of Antifa, specifically their "black bloc" tactics. I encourage everyone to read up on "black bloc" tactics as I believe it helps one to understand the Anti-Fascist cause more thoroughly. As we all know, anonymity is our greatest weapon on the internet and Antifa especially know that anonymity is important so they are allowed to practice their righteous indignation without retribution. This lesson is currently being learned by those who attended the Unite the Right rally. Their failure to conceal their identities with head coverings has led to a few being doxxed and losing their jobs. For those unfamiliar, doxxing is a term used when someone searches for and reveals another's personal information (ie. name, address, phone number) maliciously. This information is then typically used to harass the person who has been doxxed (ie. death threats, calls to employer). One young man adorned full confederate garb carryed confederate battle flag in his own makeshift protest. He stood silently in front of the Robert E. Lee Statue saluting until he was escorted away by police. He has now been kicked out of his college. His right to peacefully protest crushed by the rising political tide. The point of this diatribe was to hopefully enlighten people on what I feel led to the conditions that resulted in the events of Charlottesville. I believe that years of identity politics has poisoned the well of political discourse in America. Slowly, but surely, an increasingly specific group of individuals has been blamed for the ills of America, a group who was picked out as the vehicle for all the left's hatred, white men. I think this was most aptly shown when Trump won the election. Van Jones called it a "whitelash". Time declared it "the revenge of the white man". Twitter was filled with anger towards the uneducated, old, white men, articles were written about minorities fearing for their safety, articles were written about minorities being targeted, some were being written about how some proved to be fabricated. In the end everyone turned and pointed at the white man, do something. Well, after years of being told that they were racists and sexists no matter what they did some evidently became what others saw them as racist, sexists. The white nationalists didn't have a resurgence out of nowhere. The Alt-Right is not predominantly made of young white men for no reason. These men are disenfranchised by a cohort that increasingly despises them. Their problems are dismissed with a wave of the hand. Pfah, you're not oppressed, you don't know what it's like to be oppressed like I am. International Men's Day, who needs it, men don't have problems (like a burgeoning suicide rate). A battered men's shelter, that just takes money from battered women's shelters. White people can't have problems, even when you you're broke and beaten down there's still white privilege. Oh yeah, and 2042 is coming quickly, watch out whitey. So these young white men see their problems being dismissed as not important. See that the very people who dismiss their problems coming into increasing power and influence. They see no help in sight. Then Richard Spencer reaches out his hand and beckons "come to me my children and all your problems will be forgotten". He offers the solution of white nationalism, "well all these people that despise you they'll be gone, we'll kick them out, that way you'll be free to live under white culture." He goes on "non-white nations are not made to increase immigration of whites. Multiculturalism is a failed experiment, cultures are doomed to clash and all cultures suffer for it". Is it not a surprise that some are not taken in? After all, Spencer and his ilk are just playing the same game that has been going on for the last 6 years, that of identity politics. Spencer played it smart, he doesn't come to these events advocating white supremacy. White supremacy and white nationalism are not equivalent. One does not have to see the white race as superior to accept the tenets of white nationalism. Doesn't mean that white supremacists can't be white nationalists, or even attend white nationalist rallies (clearly they were there). Others have laid the ground work to fracture the once United States into multiple warring factions of identities. This is no more evident then when all these identities come together in their diversity summits. They all compete against one another in the Oppression Olympics in a race to be crowned "the most oppressed". Well now Spencer picked up the pieces of white identity and the Alt-Right have thrown white people's names in the ring. It's not right, but it's what's happening. This leads us to the events at Charlottesville. The Washington Post reports that at the initial Unite the Right rally last Friday night the protesters met a group of counter-protesters who had encircled the Robert E. Lee Statue. The Alt-Right protesters initially responded with vitriol and racist motions and chants. After which, things became physical and chemical irritants were said to be used by both sides. The next day, things got even uglier. Both sides were said to arrive in the early morning carrying blunt weapons and shields. After many smaller skirmishes, the rallygoers are said to have disobeyed a plan to keep the protest and counter-protest separate as they approached the park according to Charlottesville police - they, among others, are currently in the process of being sued for their supposed inaction by the ACLU. Instead the rallygoers moved en masse for the park and the counter-protesters cut them off, resulting in violence between the 2 groups. The only thing known for certain about the events that transpired last Saturday is that James Fields Jr., a man pictured attending the rally with the Alt-Right drove his vehicle purposefully into a group of counter-protestors, killing one, Heather Heyer. It was a deplorable action that will hopefully soon have a resolution with his trial for second-degree murder among other charges. Who started the violence Saturday? Does it matter? Were both sides not ready to engage in violence when they arrived? Did both sides not engage in violence? Was Trump not right in denouncing violence on all sides? Or is it because one side was on the "right" side that their violence is excused? Is it because one side took a scalp, so we dismiss all the other violence that occurred at that event? I hope that people come out of this with the idea that political violence from any side is not justified. Iam not saying that if violence comesto you that you cannot defend yourself, instead I warn that when you go out looking for violence (ie. punching a "Nazi") sometime violence finds you first. PS. hopefully this "screed" doesn't end up being used like the one written by James Damore.
  3. Reading an article on this and it sounds like Bertuzzi-Moore 2.0. Russian guy's teammate got stretchered off in a previous preseason game between the two teams after being hit from behind into the boards, so it seems like he was out looking for revenge. http://www.cbssports.com/nhl/news/watch-khl-player-goes-on-stunning-one-man-rampage-tries-to-fight-entire-team/ https://youtu.be/IHCOaz05pxY
  4. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    The 65th ranked euro skater (falling from 25 at mid-year). Guess they didn't think he would be available in the 5th and liked him enough to reach. Hopefully he's more Zdeno Chara than Boris Valabik. Hell, I'll be happy if he turns into a Hal Gill type.
  5. Clippers owner Donald Sterling "don't bring black people to my games"

    I don't know anything about his then girlfriend (the one in the recording, apparently V. Stiviano) as TMZ describes http://www.tmz.com/2014/04/26/donald-sterling-girlfriend-v-stiviano-photos/. Sterling's wife of 50 years has called her a gold digger and has sued her alleging she embezzled 1.8M from the Sterlings and alleging she would "get even" for the lawsuit. http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-sterlings-wife-describes-girlfriend-as-gold-digger-in-lawsuit-20140426,0,4883913.story#axzz303zH9xK4 Apparently her Instagram was private before this situation and is now public gaining her 10K new followers. http://www.examiner.com/article/v-stiviano-instagram-page-goes-public-gains-nearly-10k-followers-hours As another poster said Sterling has had an issue with Hispanics and African-Americans as accounted on Wikipedia. A lawsuit alleges that Sterling refused to rent to non-Koreans in Koreatown and to African Americans in Beverly Hills. Sterling once said he did not like to rent to "Hispanics" because, "Hispanics smoke, drink and just hang around the building." Sterling also allegedly said, "Black tenants smell and attract vermin." http://articles.latimes.com/2009/feb/13/sports/sp-plaschke-clippers13 "In November 2009, Sterling agreed to pay $2.73 million to settle allegations by the Justice Department that he refused to rent apartments to Hispanics and blacks and to families with children. In March 2011, Sterling won a lawsuit filed by Elgin Baylor, the team’s former general manager, when a jury rejected his claim of wrongful termination and age discrimination." http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/early-lead/wp/2014/04/26/clippers-owner-donald-sterling-tells-girlfriend-not-to-bring-black-people-to-games-disses-magic-johnson/ According to testimony given by property manager Summer Davenport: "Cultivating his image, Davenport said, meant no Blacks, no Mexican-Americans, no children (whom Sterling called "brats") and no government-housing-subsidy recipients as tenants. So according to the testimony of tenants, Sterling employees made life difficult for residents in some of his new buildings. They refused rent checks, then accused renters of nonpayment. They refused to do repairs for black tenants and harassed them with surprise inspections, threatening residents with eviction for alleged violations of building rules." http://www.huffingtonpost.com/etan-thomas/donald-sterling-has-been_b_5219475.html Maybe I'm naive I don't know, but I think this could be construed a few ways. 1. Sterling is a racist. 2. Stiviano is a gold digger who saw the gravy train leaving the station and hoped for one last large cash grab selling the tape and one last opportunity to gain notoriety and possibly revenge for him dumping her. 3. Both 1. and 2. are in play. What I believe to be true is that Sterling is a bigot. Yet, I truly believe he does not harbour hate toward any persons of other races (as he states multiple times in the recording), he is just ignorant. He has old views of minorities, ones that he likely grew up with. The civil rights movement and the fight to end segregation happened while he was in his 20s. He grew up in a culture where you did not associate with people of other races and was probably taught that black people hated white people. The whole apartment issue comes across as him believing Hispanics, African-Americans and families were problem tenants based on ignorant beliefs. It seems to be that he believes Hispanics and African-Americans to be low class or ill-mannered. He had no issues renting to persons of a Korean background for whatever reason (maybe he stereotyped them as upstanding citizens). This whole conversation seems off, as if there is an unspoken underlying issue. Again, maybe Stiviano saw the writing on the wall that the relationship was ending and tried to get him to say something racist in order to sell a story. That's not to say Sterling is completely off the hook. He has done some allegedly despicable things himself. Both parties involved seem like despicable human beings. Finally, we should all know not to trust TMZ. they threw Colin Kaepernick's reputation (and contract negotiations) under the bus insinuating he was a rapist when no charges we're laid against him based on a flimsy story. They don't have a lick of integrity as far as I'm concerned.
  6. ADSF: (1) Boston Bruins vs (4) Detroit Red Wings ‎

    5K is weak. A paltry 0.09% of his salary for his second offense in a month? That's like fining the average joe $25, you'd get a larger fine for littering.
  7. Sandy Hook School Demolition(non disclosure)

    I'm sure he's quaking in his boots . The Yahoo comments section is not exactly a Mensa meeting. I'm pretty sure half of them haven't graduated from secondary school.
  8. Sandy Hook School Demolition(non disclosure)

    You can believe Sandy Hook was a hoax all you want, it still doesn't change the fact that kids are still dying in school shootings in the States. Sandy Hook changed nothing. As long as they believe that the answer to gun violence is leaving guns easily available to the mentally unstable (in the name of not making it harder for law-abiding citizens to get them) it will continue to occur.

    He's obviously lying. His nose coupled with his visor makes that physically impossible.
  10. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    http://www.bloodyelbow.com/2013/11/17/5113402/ufc-167-results-george-st-pierre-vs-johny-hendricks-scorecard-judges Picture of the official scorecard. So I was slightly wrong. All 3 judges had round 2 and 4 going to Hendricks and round 3 and 5 to GSP. Turns out round 1 was the difference maker. GSP won round 1 with 2 of the judges and Hendricks won round 1 on 1.
  11. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    Hmm thought Hendricks won this on split prob 3-2, 3-2, 2-3. Definitely thought Hendricks won 1 and 4 and GSP won 3 and 5. Round 2 was up in the air in this fight for me and really that round came down to how you score fights. Hendricks landed harder punches but GSP did land more if I remember correctly. Hendricks corner did him a disservice by telling him he had it after round 4 that screwed him and his effort was poor in round 5.
  12. Thanks for the profile view. :)