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  1. Thanks for the quote! Glad you appreciated it haha

  2. "H.Logic hasn't added any friends yet."

    Hey, it's just like real life! CDC is more realistic than I thought. Now if only there was a way it could show you playing Warcraft alone in your basement and talking to your pretend girlfriend...

  3. Annnnnnnnnd banned!

  4. Haha yeah I know, it's called a yarmulke, isn't it? I needed something for my sig since my "How I Met Your Mother" gif was taken down.

  5. ohhh okay haha no it's fine I was just wondering. Also, what he said wasn't random because by 'little hat' he means what Jewish people wear on their head.

  6. Because InsideScoop said something semi funny (more because of the randomness than how funny it was) and it didnt make sense without your quote. I can take it out if you'd like.

  7. why did u quote me in ur sig?

  8. You know that the video in your signature is fake, right? (the original one)

  9. Your sig made me laugh so hard.

  10. Hahahahaha,

    the quote from your sig is priceless.