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  1. Yo momma eats so much sausage she always on the mic.
  2. Yes, I waited almost two years. I saw that post and said to myself "I can't wait until 2 years from now when I will reply to that post". I even waived my NTC and demanded my boss for a trade to Tyler Chicken where he works. What he said ^, plus, I had sexual relations with...
  3. yo momma smell so bad she make right guard go left.
  4. I don't believe the word "awful" is anywhere to be found in my comments.
  5. lol @ 2nd vid...curl up in a ball!
  6. What's missing here is perspective and comparable worth. A guy like Sbisa has an AAV of 3.6 so imagine what N-Tram could get. He does everything Sbisa does, only he does it good.
  7. cuz u posted in it lol.
  8. There may be those and undervalue him. He's a solid D-man who can produce but for many it comes down to the outright inconsistency of Alex Edler with regard to him being a #1 or top pair. We see how dominant he can be at times and then he disappears. In all fairness, I do believe injuries have played a notable role in this and he has only played one full NHL season. So in reality and come to think of it, it may actually be that many overvalue Edler!
  9. i don't get it...you label granlund a "dumb trade" and your solution is then to throw money at the result of a "dumb trade" trade, just to mitigate the optics of "why throw away" the player that was traded away...and you gave him close to a 100% raise as well as value him at a hair cut under baertschi who has been playing fantastic and not to mention paying him more than shinkaruk is making?!
  10. Like a pigeon rat?
  11. Really now, you don't say...
  12. Whatchutalkinbout Willis, it was a maintenance day. Sometimes it is good to give veterans a night off cuz you know, they get old n' tired n' stuff...especially 8 games into the regular season.