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  1. Canucks Recall Biega and Gaunce

    Really now, you don't say...
  2. Canucks Recall Biega and Gaunce

    Whatchutalkinbout Willis, it was a maintenance day. Sometimes it is good to give veterans a night off cuz you know, they get old n' tired n' stuff...especially 8 games into the regular season. 
  3. [GDT] MTL @ VAN | Oct 27 | 7PM | SNV/RDS/CITYM

    Looks like you better pack your Baghdad and buy your plane Tikrit. Make sure to hire movers with lots of Mosul for your heavy stuff.
  4. The Walking Dead Thread

    I don't think Glenn is dead...yet.
  5. The Walking Dead Thread

    It is a series of clips that go hand-in-hand with FTWD as in start of the outbreak and few if any know what is going on. Someone on the plane is going to turn. One of the characters on the plane will also join FTWD as a regular. If you recall at the end of episode 3 of FTWD, Nick looks in the sky and sees a plane flying all crazy...rumours are that plane is flight 462!
  6. just imagine how the tractor feels...
  7. lol by that logic Venezuela and Canada must have also spent billions of $ training Islamic militants who later formed ISIS since Venezuela is #1 and Canada is 3rd in the world (right behind Saudi) for proven oil reserves.
  8. Do you think there is any chance...?

  9. #1 key to 2015-16 season and the bigger picture

    lol @ Vrbata on the 3rd line!
  10. I wasn't talking about 'them'. I suppose we need to add obtuse to the description of those I was referring to.
  11. Maybe because that's where he/we live? Precisely why who cares? I see, so poor people are lazy now...there are a plethora of circumstances and elucidations as to why an individual may be poor, which I suppose the same could be said for self-centered, stuck-up a-holes. Poor character let's call it.
  12. Coming from you of all people I take it as a compliment. Thanks for the reaffirm, know what I mean Vern.
  13. Even Saul would figure out that this whole thing is a cover-up and James Holmes is nothing but a dupe. The dude sitting in court who appeared drugged beyond oblivion at the beginning was also likely not even James Holmes. Oh look, what do you know, another 'training exercise' based on a gunman opening fire in a movie theatre were taking place at the same time...that's never happened before in previous terror attacks or mass shootings. “The irony is amazing, just amazing,” said Rocky Vista Dean Dr. Bruce Dubin. The real 'joker' is the mainstream media. Yeah, call me a crazy nutbar. Apparently that's the new term for realist.