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  1. We become and hold steady at 1st in the league--no mention. We lose one game--top story on NHL.com. Good times.

    1. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Welcome to the world of Eastern media bias.

    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      ^^ exactly The Nucks could save the planet and we would be called whiners and divers for doing it . The league is becoming a complete joke. BTW your team is looking bloody scary !

  2. Life is definitely a lot better to enjoy than ANY website on the internet, any...

    Probably nothing I haven't heard.

    Woot, tmrw's payday <3

  3. Haha that's very true, we get a choice: having a life or staying active on CDC? Somehow life takes a preference.

    Oh no, if you were on the Wild board, I'm sure we'd be wayyy more original in our insults :P

  4. That's good :) I sorta ditched CDC the past year or so myself, posting less, busy with life. I don't know how people handle both :P Haha, well I'd get the same treatment over at the Wild boards I'm sure!

    Just beautiful, I love it :D

  5. Eh can't complain. I kinda ditched CDC for the summer but I'm back now (much to the enjoyment of those die-hards who make the same Wild jokes over and over)

    I'm looking at the standings and the Flames are already at the bottom of the NW with 0 points. HAH!

  6. Keeping in mind all those who lost their lives or lost a loved one in New York, Washington DC or Pennsylvania ten years ago today.

  7. Life is just where I want it to be right now :) How's your life?

  8. Nothing says America like barbeques, beer and blowing stuff up

    1. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Or fake reports of Obama's death.

    2. Wild#9


      that too

    3. old_time_hockey


      I can do all 3 better than Americans and in a less ostentatious manner.

  9. Hah maybe we're cursing you by talking about it

    They have a little, but probably not as much as they should and probably not enough to stop an attack.

    Haha cautious observers is right. Didn't you guys send like 2 planes to Libya? :P

    Well at least you're making progress and she's not totally ignoring you anymore

  10. RIP Boogaard. We loved you.

    1. ☆➊ R. 'Superman' Kesler ➐☆

      ☆➊ R. 'Superman' Kesler ➐☆

      RIP - Too young, so saddening. Only the best of wishes go to him, his family, friends and NHL'ers.

    2. HockeyChick8


      My brothers the same age, i keep thinking "well D. Boogaard passed away, what if he's next?" =(

    3. HockeyChick8


      My brothers the same age, i keep thinking "well D. Boogaard passed away, what if he's next?" =(

  11. Woah, woah, woah... We are NOT the annoying sibling. We are the people down the street who don't leave their homes unless it's a must-do. Haha. We are the cautious observers. =P

    She actually talked to me the other day. Didn't say much, but at least it was something. Now I've got to move things along and start talking to her more.

  12. Lucky... <_< I fumble my words too, so I look like an idiot. Haha. And guess what... I have to do a presentation in English on friday. What are the chances, eh? Lol.

    Woah, that is pretty intense. Do trains even have security? (I've never been in one so I wouldn't know. =P) Or can you just walk in?

    Y'know what, I don't think Canada does. They're too friendly. =D

  13. Hey. Haven't talked to you in a while! How's life?

  14. make the countries to be like people (wierd I know but it worked magic on my test scores) and in my mind, Canada was always the annoying younger sibling who always wants to be like/hang with the older sibling to the US haha :P

    You could try apologizing to her again, thought it's not really your fault you don't like her back

  15. Really? Haha I was so cocky I would just wing things and I have a pretty good memory so it worked out.

    Yeah, well we found out that he was already planning another attack on the next anniversary of 9/11, but on trains this time. I don't even wanna think about what would happen if he succeeded.

    Lol Canada...do you guys even have any enemies? When I was younger, I would make the cou...