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  1. One thing I like to ask when I see people make these proposals is if you were the GM of the other team, would to accept your own proposal? As much as I would love to imagine this happening. As the Winnipeg GM, I would not do this. Do I really want to add cap on an already cap-stuffed team? No. Do I want to keep the option of selecting a franchise player that will most likely be one of the top 5 point getters in the NHL in the future? Yes. Laine is a can't miss pick. How will we even know how high that 2017 first round pick will be? Nice try but its a no no.
  2. lol. It's funny how TSN and SN are all on Auston Matthews' d*ck now because the world's are on. Every highlight is focused on him. Typical Toronto homers.
  3. Canucks’ Boeser taking student with Down syndrome to prom

    Haha. Good one.
  4. Logan Brown please!!!

    That's true. Although personally, something really screams Brian Boyle to me when I see Logan Brown. He's huge but I don't see him being more than a third liner at the NHL level. Who knows.
  5. Logan Brown please!!!

    Similar to what Kassian had. We all know how that turned out. Might take a chance at him with a mid 1st rounder, but definitely not with the 5th.
  6. This is pretty sad. It obviously shows that you're still not over the draft results. What's done is done. Matthews is a good player and good on the leafs for having a chance to land this player. That being said, I couldn't really care less about Matthews anymore. He's not anywhere near our grasp. I'd rather focus more on OUR potential picks, Dubois or Tkachuk or a defenseman.
  7. RELAX... Either Tkachuk or Dubois will be HUGE additions

    I was pretty relaxed until I saw this topic. Now I'm angry again. Thanks.
  8. Who has the MOST skill at No.5?

    I think Tkachuk is definitely a guy to go for. Sure people can say that he's a benefactor of Marner, but 107 points in 55 games is pretty impressive. I think most importantly, His mentality is solid. Something that this team has been lacking for a while.
  9. With the 5th pick, the Canucks did not bottom out.

    Yeah. sigh*.......same old story for the Canucks. This is why I was extra crushed when Daly made the announcement. I have a feeling if we pick Dubois or Tkachuk, we are going to get a Virtanen-type player that will take really long to develop. No franchise player for us. Typical.
  10. Canucks get 5th OVR Pick

    That would be a nightmare in real life.
  11. Canucks get 5th OVR Pick

    Another bad part about Toronto winning the lottery is that TSN and Sportsnet keeps and will keep milking this "1st Overall to Toronto" crap the whole summer and keeps comparing the scenario of drafting Matthews and how they "should've got" McDavid last year like now its ok and its a fairy-tale ending to some dramatic story. Give me a f*cking break. There were 14 other teams that desperately needed the 1st OA too (except the Oilers). Its going to get real annoying throughout the summer. Brace yourselves.
  12. With the 5th pick, the Canucks did not bottom out.

    ?? We picked 23. The year we missed the playoffs when Torts was coach was when we picked 6th and that was 2 years ago.
  13. (Proposal) VAN EDM

    I think it might work. Draisaitl helps us right away next year. He's big and a potential 1C. The Oilers would also be able to get 2 top defensemen in the draft with the 4 and 5 picks that helps their needs. hmm...