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  1. Milan Lucic The Goof Ball

    lol. Can't find anything relevant to say? Good day.
  2. Milan Lucic The Goof Ball

    You know, It's quite hilarious how fans like you think everything is fine with the Canucks as long as they make it into the playoffs. Yet when the Canucks DO make the playoffs, they always end up getting man-handled and bullied by other teams (like we did even last year by the flames) and blame it on the "soft Europeans", playing to passively and with a lack of emotion. Then, fans start crying out for players that can "protect" the Sedins and young players. Tough, emotional players. That's been going on for 5 freaking years now, and the fans kept wanting to transition this team to a "Boston Model", which is one of the KEY reasons as to why this organization hired Benning in the first place. Yet, when you have the opportunity to get an strong, emotional player like Lucic, who pretty much embodied that desired and longed-for "Boston Model", a guy who can fight AND score (he's an ideal power-forward in today's game) you act like his addition to this team would be the absolute end......Seriously? Wow.  
  3. Milan Lucic The Goof Ball

    Oh you don't understand? You make the comparison of Burrows being "man enough" to fight Krieder and Lucic being a wuss not to back up with hit on Miller. You can see in this that video Burrows doesn't have anything to back up his antics against Bergeron when someone like Lucic confronts him. Why didn't he fight Lucic there? You mention that Lucic wouldn't fight Scott after he hit Miller, well why wouldn't Burrows back up his antics as well? Your comment about Lucic and Scott is irrelevant.
  4. Milan Lucic The Goof Ball

  5. Milan Lucic The Goof Ball

    Jamie Benn?? Yeah and while we're at it, I'd like to have Crosby, Ovechkin, Malkin, Kane, Tavares on our team too. Seriously, How does Jamie Benn even come into the conversation if this is about Lucic? The only reason there is conversation about Lucic to Vancouver is because we'd be able to get him without giving up any assets in FA. Unfortunately, Jamie Benn is NOT an upcoming UFA and you really think Dallas would ever give up a top 5 point producer in the NHL and Captain of their team?  
  6. Milan Lucic The Goof Ball

    Exactly. So you just lied right now because you couldn't think of any decent response to my comment. lol. I rest my case, good day and case closed.
  7. Milan Lucic The Goof Ball

    Sorry, where exactly did you CALL OUT Cooke, Burrows, Kesler, Torres? Sure you mentioned Cooke. but where did you mention his antics and how much of a "goof ball" the player was?
  8. Milan Lucic The Goof Ball

    Yeah I read your opening post and no you did NOT mention any of those guys. You only posted videos and reasons as to why you hate Lucic. Also if you read my thread thoroughly, you would've noticed that mentioning the players was NOT the main point of my argument.
  9. Alex Ovechkin joins elite company. Again.

    Its going to be sad for the NHL when Ovie and Crosby retire. Hopefully hype becomes reality and McDavid and Eichel become as great as these two players.
  10. Milan Lucic The Goof Ball

    What a hypocrite. Canucks fans will bash a player like Lucic because of his "attitude" and yet ignore the fact that we have a guy like Alex Burrows on our team and we used to have another scumbag in Kesler. Yet Burrows and Kesler (when he was here) got all the praise and defense from all you hypocrite Canuck fans as long as they were playing well. For example: Burrows: 1.) Pulls peoples' hair, 2.) Bites peoples fingers, 3.) Does a lot of cheap shots with his stick 4.) Doesn't hesitate to use very personal and traumatic situations information as attack against opposing players.  etc... etc.. Burrows definitely isn't an angel but Canucks fans love him. Cooke's one of the dirtiest players in the league and he was a fan-favorite when on the Canucks. We even had guys like Torres and Kesler who would be called "goof balls" as you describe. You point out how "classless" all the bad things Lucic has done and his "reputation" and whatnot as if the Canucks have always had a reputation of having "clean" players since the beginning. Please. There is a reason why a lot of teams around the league already hate the Canucks, and that is BECAUSE of the players (except the Sedins). Fact is. Lucic is a player that can't be pushed around. He'd protect the leaders and young players on our team, he can put the puck in the net, he can fight, he can hit, he's emotional.... I thought that was what Canucks fans wanted?! What, so you're suddenly changing your mind now? Canucks fans talked about wanting to emulate this "Boston Model" right? I mean, that's why we EVERYONE wanted Benning as GM in the first place. Lucic embodied this so-called "Boston Model" and suddenly you don't want him. lol. Is this fanbase Bipolar or something?. wow.  
  11. At a 20-19-11 record with 51 points, the Canucks are sitting 5th (3rd to last) in the weakest division in the NHL with 50 games played.   This team has already shown us their quality this year and to no one's surprise, we have been doing horribly. We have a downgraded team from last year in terms of points, we have aging vets, very inconsistent play, continuous injury problems (one player is healed, another gets injured right after)...etc. For the sake of this team's future, especially considering the situation we are in this year, is it a good idea to try and compete for playoffs, or should management try to trade away our aging players, let the kids pay and cement our place for the best draft position we can get? There's lots of speculation that down these next few weeks, management might try to add some rental players if the progress of the team is going well, but at what expense? Would you really be willing to give up draft picks and potentially even prospects? Even if we manage to get a wildcard spot, the chances are high that we would most likely have to face the LA Kings, which I believe we would easily lose to. So is it worth it to fail in the 1st or 2nd round (if we're lucky) and get a mid to low draft pick and keep on being a middle of the pack team? Or would you allow more space for the young players to play for a mere 32 more games to get a homerun pick that can really alter this team's successes in the future?        
  12. Retro Jersey Unveil (Feb 13 vs Leafs) - Bonus Jake pics!

    Well, when the "new jerseys" (our current ones) were introduced, the designers specifically said that the colour orientation of these current ones are to reflect the colours of the west coast and the city of Vancouver itself. Hence there being the "Vancouver" lettering on top of the orca whale. So yeah, the designers and organization obviously made it their motive. The old ones look awful. Intimidating and crisp? Looks like someone just scribbled red and yellow lines for the center logo. The Aquilinis obviously thought so themselves, which is why they changed the colours again and again. But hey, if you like them, that's fine, it's to your opinion.
  13. 2017 All Star to be in LA, nothing new with expansion

    I rest my case. Also has some of the highest, if not the highest homeless population in all of Canada. Don't get me wrong, Vancouver is beautiful. But it certainly isn't the "greatest place on earth" as you are advertising. Many problems within this city that needs to be fixed.  Whatever though. That's only to your personal opinion.
  14. 2017 All Star to be in LA, nothing new with expansion

    Ha-ha. Biased much? Just within North America, I've been in Vancouver, LA, Montreal, Toronto and New York. Other than the natural beauty, everything else I think trumps Vancouver. Impeccable selection of women from all races?? You serious? You're pretty much describing all of Canada, considering Canada is a country made up of all different races. Even then with the women, Montreal has that over us. Safe? Stabcouver? There seems to be more and more cases of random stabbings in Vancouver going up. Incredible climate? Yeah, sorry I prefer beautiful sunny weather over the dreary rain. Other than some outdoor activities you can do and even to do those are pretty expensive (snowboarding, skiing..etc.), It's a boring city to be honest in comparison to many others that I've been to. Rainy weather, Unaffordable house prices, on and on...   It ISN'T the greatest place on earth.    
  15. I thought we were shipping OUT 30+ year olds on our team ... Why would get GIVE UP assets to get a player that's in the category of what we want to get rid of? Not happening.