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  1. Jared McCann has Gained 25lb since last season

    So he gained 25 pounds.....Yay? Good for him? Seriously?? Why is this even considered topic worthy?? All Hockey players gain/lose weight during the offseason. It's as pointless as making a thread about Crosby saying that he just bought a new lamborghini.
  2. lol. It's funny how TSN and SN are all on Auston Matthews' d*ck now because the world's are on. Every highlight is focused on him. Typical Toronto homers.
  3. Moving up to top-3 ? What would it take ?

    Hack into one of the top 3's twitters and reveal a picture of one of them smoking out of a bong through a gas mask. We won't have to trade anything.
  4. Will the NBA ever come back to Vancouver?

    If not then hopefully Seattle gets a team back. I'm good right now with cheering for the Raptors as Canada's team.
  5. It's kind of sad that posters have to ask members not to rip them for making a topic. Really shows what kind of arrogant p*icks these CDC forums are filled with. To add an opinion to your own suggestion, and I'll only talk about the bottom three teams, I really think it depends on who is picking 1st. If and God forbid, the Oilers end up winning, I highly doubt they'd need Matthews because they already have players like McDavid, RNH, and Draisaitl down the middle. If I was Oilers management, I'd definitely entertain the prospect of a McDavid/Laine or McDavid/Puljujarvi punch that would probably tear up the league for the next 15 years. If I'm the Canucks or Leafs, I'm picking Matthews because both need that franchise center to immediately help both teams with their rebuilds, whereas the Oilers already got a generational center-man in McDavid last year.
  6. Post your favourite CDC Member Quotes

  7. 2016 NHL Draft Prospect Profiles (Scouting report+ Video + Stats)

    Hey. That Enrique Sanchez could be our hero hahaha
  8. 2016 NHL Draft Prospect Profiles (Scouting report+ Video + Stats)

    I'd be delighted with any of the top 6, but I truly do hope that we land somewhere in the top 3. This team and its fan base deserves some energy and excitement after all its been through these past 5 years. We can finally have a chance to draft a legitimate franchise player for the first time really since the Sedins. Here's hoping for good results come lottery day!
  9. 2016 NHL Draft Prospect Profiles (Scouting report+ Video + Stats)

    Matthews is Mexican?
  10. Troy Stecher Talk

  11. Troy Stecher Talk

    Key words: could have But he didn't. He stated that he wanted to be a Canuck, and the team that he was interested in him also showed the same interest so it turned out that way. It's pretty straightforward. I don't need to sympathize and tell management "good job" each time they do something. It's their job.
  12. Troy Stecher Talk

    Well it happened. He's a Canuck like he said he wanted to be.
  13. There's our future captain.