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  1. NFL thread

    In his first run absolutely. But look at his post season he played great. It was more about him growing and reaching a a point where the team, including him, could win a Superbowl. On offense we put together the longest opening drive in SB history at the time, possession was the name of the game. It wasn't Harrison's fault either, why couldn't any of your dline pull Eli down? Were we lucky, of course, about as lucky as going 18-0. Admit it you guys got some lucky late game calls late in the season, a game in Baltimore comes to mind specifically. Second Superbowl is often where Eli doesn't get enough credit. Our defense was all over the place all year and often wouldn't show up until the 2nd half or give up the 2nd half lead, etc. Eli basically dragged our team into playoff contention allowing the opportunity for JPP to save the season against Dallas with his FG block. Then Eli has another solid post season, game against GB in particular was really good. And a great throw against the Pats to Manningham down the sideline for another memorable SB play. He also had 4000+ yards and 29 tds so he was one of the top quarterbacks that season. I definitely realize the negative stigma of him being Payton's goofy younger brother and throwing to many picks on average. But he has Big play/game ability and has proved that more than most Superbowl winning QBs he isn't a one trick pony. His 2nd Superbowl in my mind cements that the 1st one was not a fluke like some NFL fans like to suggest. He arguably could have not won both SBMVPs but no one else was that much better so it isn't clear cut. Also he is very underrated for his toughness which helped him greatly on both Superbowl runs, and that is widely considered an important football attribute. Alright sorry guys done my Eli rant now. But come on that was a couple people on one page talking smack. tl:dr - Eli has 2 Superbowl mvps so the haters can suck on it.
  2. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    tbh its better then the whole bray wyatt thing. I know most people are down with it but I just find them irritating and the fact that theyre immediate contenders is kind of lame too. I did enjoy swagger throwing rusev out of the ring. He'll probably lose in the end but its about time someone got in rusevs face.
  3. NFL thread

  4. Thatcher Demko | G

    Nice this should add a nice young goalie prospect in our system for the years to come. Considering the uncertainty of our goalie situation going forward and who will really develop into a starter, and most of them being mid 20s, I think this was a smart pick. Also at least we know BC is a good hockey program and it already seems like he is getting a lot of starts which is the biggest concern about collage players.
  5. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    No, blue collar hard working hockey is Canucks hockey. It has been our history since the beginning. Obviously you need the the skilled stars to shine bright(Brodeur, Bure, Sedins) but traditionally our teams that have been the most successful have had a physical edge and a never quit attitude. People like to think of it as offensive vs defensive when in reality I want tough players, not fighting wise(although need a few guys like that) but with high compete levels, who can grind it out on the boards and fight through some adversity instead of hope for a powerplay in the hopes our skilled guys aren't to beat up to score. Even with our last SCF run our supposed offensive team was great defensively and their forechecking and hits were brutal all season long, I still remember some of the hits from smaller guys like higgins being awesome. Our physicality decreased after that and we never seemed able to right the ship. Obviously there were other problems that added to the demise but the team seemed like it lost its attitude. There is a balance to be struck for sure but I have no problem being in 2-1 games if they were hard fought. If our team decides they think Nylander's skill is to good to pass on I will fully support him like every prospect. But with some people just dismissing guys like Ritchie and Virtanen because they don't play a high skilled deking game is ridiculous. Bringing up Beech then calling Ritchie fat isn't a solid argument. Same with the Nylander looking like a girl, who cares. Plus nobody knows how next draft will look maybe we will have a shot at whatever we need(ritchie/2015 skill player or Nylander/2015 powerforward). I just hope whoever we pick ends up as a top 6 guy....hopefully for our team. Personally I hope we get Ritchie as I'm not a huge fan of the options after the top 5 from the brief glimpses I've had. I don't expect Bertuzzi or anything but a Ladd or Hartnell type player would be more realistic to hope for. A big body that can pot 20-30 goals and 50-60 points would be such a valuable addition to our top 6. Even if we already have Kassian they can either stack em on a line for impact or split them up and have a couple lines with big bodies. I wish were more like Detroit of old that way, a guy on every line to go create traffic in front of the net. Also Virtanen would be cool as a hometown pick although that is not what I would want them to pick him for.
  6. NHL 15 Thread

    Honestly EHM 07 was probably the best value game time/dollar wise I have ever bought. Basically because I have it I have avoided buying EA NHL games until they are on sale. I got 2010 and 2013 on deals after the 1st year. If they aren't going to up the ante every year then I'm not giving them all of my money. I am considering this one as it would be nice to play on my PS4 but I'm still skeptical I will get it near release.
  7. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    I liked the blue one better. Meshes with the background nice and makes it seem brighter.
  8. NFL thread

    Yea as a Giants fan we were disappointed when Reid and Vick fell out of power. They would beat us, badly sometimes, but you knew they would always choke down the stretch. So by merely getting rid of them your chances have improved not to mention DJax as well. Haven't seen enough of Foles to comment to much but not to worried as of yet.
  9. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    double agent?
  10. Xbox One Thread

    This is more 360 than xbone but Dark souls is out on 360 for free with gold. I have thoroughly been enjoying it as I am a huge rpg fan. I also generally prefer single player games. It has been giving me a reason to go back to my 360(as I have a PS4 too). I made a Hunter then got the great scythe and am now just making it through the undead burg, took me a while to find the stairs up to the aquaduct lol. But I feel like I got a good base for my dexterity type character. Anybody else pickup this game or already enjoying it?
  11. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    Yea that is how I see it possibly happening. People keep wanting us to trade up but keep 2 top 10 picks but I just don't see it happening. Most teams are going to demand it as the starting point. If we get to keep it great but if trading up costs us the 6th overall I am perfectly fine with it. Reinhart or Ekblad would be awesome and a real boost to our organization going forward, it would be a great way for Benning to put his stamp on this team.
  12. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I think I only completed the dawnguard path but I have gotten the vampire power in other files. Since I dont use other forms(vampire/werewolf) since i find them a little ridiculous I suggest the dawnguard, but it really depends on your character and how you've built him. I made my guy older and very traditional a Nord coming back to his homeland to make amens before moving on to Sovrngarde. So Dawnguard seemed more appropriate.
  13. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    I just never really get Ceasaro. He seems like he should be Heel to me not face. Seems like he could be entertaining but he is never in involved in anything of consequence. But I guess it sounds like that could change, so we'll see.
  14. Official Nintendo 3DS Thread

    Completely agree have been loving this game. I'm only on like the 2nd or 3rd boss but greatly enjoyed it so far. Nice hack and slash adventuring elements mixed with some rpg skill building. I like it as a switch up from some other games which demand more out of you mentally like SMT4. You get as much as you want out of them game I can just start it up and kill some time by doing some farming, fishing, crafting and basically just live in an anime final fantasy style village, or I can go fight some monster in some dungeons and try to progress the story.
  15. NFL thread

    A great example of what these players can become if everything goes right. Some less extreme examples of QBs would be Russel and Dalton both going after round 1 but both becoming serviceable starters right out of the gate. You don't need to hit a home run with every pick either, to get a reliable backup out of a late round pick or an UDFA is a great boost to any team. Injuries are a major part of the game and having a no-name step up and fill a position is great for the lockerroom My favorite players are usually the tough unsung heroes though so I see the value and enjoy watching some of these guys develop even if they do move on pretty quickly.