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  1. This nigga high y'all

  2. 5th straight 1st round exit coming up!

  3. Nice, knew this day would come. Hope all the snow's melted off your lovely Alberta courses come April!

  4. Annnnnnnnnd banned!

  5. wow you have no life

  6. Second that thought you moron

  7. doesn't it get emotionally draining being negative all the time?

  8. you know what if you are going to come here just to talk crap about the canucks then just leave! BTW the "How many cups" thing is only used by people who cant come back with anything good so they use that LAME comeback. I would be too stoked on being an Oilers fan, what have they done latelt...thats what you should be worried about. Now if you have nothing good to say about the canucks