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  1. To pull a Don Taylor: "Burrows has 6 goals, count'em, 6 goals, in the last 5 series clinching games."
  2. YES! This tread should be prema-pinned!
  3. Isn't he already? This tread is epic fail\win... it's a fine line.
  4. -365 now...that's a year's worth of minuses =D
  5. I just noticed that this thread got pinned Classic
  6. Wow this thread is still alive? I mean it was made Oct 3 2008, 11:34 AM.....but I suppose it is fun to be constantly remind OP how much of a moron he is and how wrong he is. Burrows is MONEY! RE-SIGN HIM ALREADY Gillis!
  7. No worries :) How was it?

  8. Heyy :)! Happy Birthday Buddy :D! Have a great one!

  9. Welcome to CDC :D