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  1. roberto luongo doesn't stop for red lights, red lights stop for him.

  2. Welcome to my pagee :) Whats up?

  3. Who should I investigate next?

  4. One of the best facts ever. 10/10. My favorite is Jesus walked on water roberto luongo swam through land

  5. those are some good stuff about luongo there.

  6. Roberto Luongo does not "style" his hair, it stays perfectly in place out of sheer terror.


  7. Roberto Luongo is why Waldo is hiding<< i love that. good facts!!

  8. Love the facts, buddy

  9. Love the list. Most of it is really funny! :D

  10. What are you listening to?

    whatever you like- ti
  11. Lol, atleast the nucks won.

  12. lol Happy new years man.

    Have a good time?

  13. ђคקקא ภєฬ אєคг

    คгςtเς ๓๏ภкєאร

    =) =) =) =) =)