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  1. SwedeHockey WOAT
  2. gdt

    i hate losing and all, but i hate being mediocre more
  3. gdt

    except we have no scorers (besides the SEdins) and our defense blows so GG canucks
  4. As long as they have Crosby, Letang, Malkin, Fleury and now Kessel, yes.
  5. very much agreed
  6. matthias getting paid around 3.5-4M as a 4C, where he hasn't looked too good positionally anyways? seems like the perfect canuck move
  7. come on, pretty harsh, no? all of cdc loves her, trust me
  8. because i am not teh real cucumber nor would i want to be
  9. like i said, he'll be looking for a good contract that we likely won't be able to pay. and we have a logjam at wing with sven guaranteed a spot. matthias will be out east in july. we will be softer.
  10. matthias is going to be looking for a payday. sven is guaranteed a spot and is cheap. we are slowly getting weaker and smaller and softer. vey, sven etc
  11. woah haah, that was weird time. great minds think alike?? both soft, perimeter players, with some skill, but are too soft to put that skill to use