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  1. He is an interesting name to consider. He checks the boxes for age, size and adds to our offensive depth. The Rangers at times have been a little frustrated with his inconsistency but he is only 24. My question to you is, what would it cost the Canucks to acquire Hayes?
  2. The Columbus Blue Jackets will match this offersheet. I really need to stop leaving players vulnerable to offersheets....
  3. I have had the opportunity to meet Adam a couple times and you have yourself a great goalie. I was happy to see him succeed on the level he has this past season. Adam has come over to Canada the past couple years to train with Canadian coaches for part of his summers. There is a group of players that come over from Hungary each summer and they all look up to Adam tremendously. Oh and just a quick warning, don't piss him off because he is a semi professional martial artist and is very intimidating. If he wants something then it would be in your best interest to give it to him.
  4. The best part is, you were the agent on his ELC. No worries tho it happens.
  5. I thought both of you knew how to use the search bar He was drafted and signed by Ottawa.
  6. Ian Cole is avaliable in Columbus. If interested inquire within.
  7. I thought he was Detroit's property but they have CJ Motte.... Nice signing Oldnews
  8. The Columbus Blue Jackets will match this offersheet. We are happy to have Ben back for another season.
  9. [Waivers] The Columbus Blue Jackets would like to place Lauri Korpikoski on waivers.
  10. Bryan Little is missing from my depth chart. Do you mind placing him as my 2nd line RW. You can slide Brouwer down one spot. Thank you for all of your help!
  11. Well you beat me for youngest in the league, how did we get allowed to join this league
  12. Not sure when the last update was done but it should be pretty acurate.
  13. Lauri Korpikoski is avaliable in Columbus. He is a reliable veteran veteran winger and the asking price is modest. His value has never been as high as it is today for the Oilers, he has been named the full time translator for Jesse Puljujärvi.
  14. The Columbus Blue Jackets would like to assign Jordan Oesterle and Andres Martinsen to the minors.
  15. Well I think I have at least another 30 years in my fantasy hockey career left so I have no problem waiting 8 years on a good prospect.