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  1. Looking to acquire a solid 4th line winger and preferably he plays on a contender.
  2. Looking to swap a high priced forward for a high priced dman. If this interests anyone, you can reach me on pm or discord.
  3. WAIVERS: The Columbus Blue Jackets place Darren Helm on waivers.
  4. He was given a qualifying offer so I am not sure where the confusion is.
  5. I have been taking a little break from the forum lately but since I have been in Quebec, RDS has got me back in the hockey mood. Looking to get my roster closer to what I invision the opening night roster looking like. I have lots of young players pushing for roster spots which has made some good NHLers expendable. If you have interest in Wilson, Perron, Dowd, Kruger, Helm or Chariot let me know.
  6. Old news but the Ottawa Senators have decided to terminate Philip Larsen's contract because he has returned to the KHL.
  7. Almost forgot about this, but nice try @D-Money. The Columbus Blue Jackets match this offer sheet. Don't mind the cap, just wish you would have given him another year or two on his contract.
  8. [Recall] The Columbus Blue Jackets would like to call up Kevin Fiala, Brayden Point, Brett Ritchie, and Julias Honka. They all will be assigned to the active roster.
  9. My mistake, Rem Pitlick to close out the draft.
  10. Ottawa Selects Wade Allison
  11. Ottawa Selects Ian Mitchell
  12. Columbus would like to acquire 1 or 2 more picks in this draft. If have picks remaining but no one else on your list, send me a pm.
  13. The Columbus Blue Jackets would like to place Darren Helm on waivers. *This is not for the purpose of a buyout
  14. I can confirm it was sent to you wrong. The teams should be reversed.
  15. With pick #108, the Columbus Blue Jackets are proud to select Alexandre Fortin.