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  1. CDCGML 2017-18

    I have found our setup to be very easy to locate players and search if a player has been signed in our league. If anyone has not downloaded Google Sheets, then I highly recommend you do so. As long as you have opened each spreadsheet once while logged in to a google account, it will be easy to keep track of players.
  2. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    Alexei Emelin and Jordan Oesterle are available for picks. One of Logan Couture or Nick Foligno will also likely be moved to make room for new contracts to Gourde and Fiala.
  3. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    Currently picking at 20 and then not till the last pick in the draft. If anyone is looking to move picks for roster players or closer prospects let me know.
  4. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    244 points in the 2nd round...what could have been Looks like it all would have ended in the 3rd round anyways, @Mike Vanderhoek you have an impressive 3rd round squad!
  5. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    Logan Couture OT GWG Kevin Fiala OT GWG Brayden Point 4 point night Squeak why did you have to ruin my fun...
  6. CDCGML 2017-18

    Ottawa please when you get a chance! @Mike Vanderhoek assembled too big of a powerhouse and we threw everything we had at him but it wasn't enough. We would like to give Jake Guentzel a shout out for his 16 points in 7 games so far, the kid shows up in the playoffs and knows how to score big goals. I now have to figure out how to get some big name free agents to sign on the dotted line...
  7. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    I finally have a chance to sit down and transition to off-season mode. I want to congratulate @Squeak on a great series, you have built a young powerhouse and we look forward to battling it out next season. The season was cut shorter than we expected but that is just the way it goes sometimes. It gives us some encouragement to see our team continuing to be successful with our second round players. As we move into the off-season, our #1 priority right now is to get Talbot on a contract as he is our only major UFA. With Gourde and Fiala requiring large pay increases, we will be looking to move a forward or two out. Two names that come up are Logan Couture and Nick Foligno, if interested in those players you are recommended to inquire within. Lastly we are looking to add a top four defenceman, as this is currently our weak spot on our team.
  8. CDCGML 2017-18

    Guentzel just threw the Sens on his back and is doing whatever he can to close the gap on the Devils. Would somebody please help the poor guy!
  9. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    Radko know what you have to do
  10. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    You stay out of this....
  11. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    And now Malkin isn’t playing... Let’s hope Murray can shut out the Flyers!
  12. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    @Squeak we apologize for Gudas’ actions....
  13. CDCGML 2017-18

    Oh playoff Jake Guentzel, it’s good to have you back