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  1. There is no way a player coming off a 50 point season shouldn't be in the line-up.
  2. So Masai going to the Knicks then?
  3. I'm interested to see how LaMelo and LiAngelo adjust to better coaching at UCLA. Lonzo was already a more mature basketball player when he entered college.
  4. Nia is reckless in the ring compared to Bayley/Sasha, if she was a better worker she'd already be champion.
  5. It would be great for the NBA if all three Ball brothers ended up playing for the Lakers.
  6. Good deal for Washington, Connolly started hitting his stride last year.
  7. Do you guys use Kraken often? Wondering which websites are best for Canadian currency?
  8. 2 years at 1.5 M per would be nice IMO. We don't lose much money if he doesn't pan out, and gain more if he does well.
  9. This should be the case for most gyms.
  10. I would've kept him in the line-up just to bring some presence. Perhaps Peluso or King could fill a role like that.
  11. The show was a lot of fun. 50/50 crowd was fun to be a part of. The Dillinger/Corbin match was really boring though.