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  1. EP40 for captain... :ph34r:

    1. SabreFan1


      How about the Canucks wait until both of his testicles drop before they give him a leadership position. :rolleyes:

  2. Fantastic atmosphere at Rogers arena tonight! 

    1. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      I knew a few people there, it seemed like a great time!

    2. Nuxfanabroad



    3. Ghostsof1915


      There will now be 50,000 people claiming to be in Rogers Arena and they saw EP40's first NHL goal. :lol:

      There's going to be some ups and downs this season. I'm just happy with that compete level. I just hope they can keep it going. 

  3. Couldn't they just have younger players room with the veterans? This Fortnite ban on the road is just plain stupid.

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    2. Undrafted


      I don't see what the issue is with the ban since it's the players, not mgmt or coaches, who initiated it and agreed to it.

    3. HerrDrFunk


      Yeah, it’d be thing if this no video games policy was an edict from someone like Lamoriello but the players are the ones buying into this.

    4. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Some of the regular Fortniters on the team (Boeser, Pettersson, Stecher) have already commented that they're fine with the policy.

  4. No excuse for Jake Virtanen to not get at least 20 goals and 20 assists this season. 

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    2. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      @Tom SestitoEven if hes paced to get 40 points Baer still hasn't done it. We can't say Boeser has scores 30 goals even though his pace says he could last season.


      And Baer is more developed of a player than Virtanen


    3. Master 112

      Master 112

      A 29-goal season with 60-someodd games played is a 30-goal season.

    4. thejazz97


      12/20/32, IMO.


      This team is not a good team.

  5. What to do with Loui Eriksson?

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    2. SabreFan1


      No choice.  Play him until he can be dumped onto another team.  It's too soon to waive him.  His dead cap hit would last to long if he was waived this year or next.

    3. coastal.view


      the man clearly needs a raise

      then he'll improve his game


    4. NewbieCanuckFan


      I'm reminded of the following goodfellas movie scene whenever I think of Eriksson (whether he has a good or bad game):


      Now the guy's got Paulie as a partner. Any problems, he goes to Paulie. Trouble with the bill? He can go to Paulie. Trouble with the cops, deliveries, Tommy, he can call Paulie. But now the guy's gotta come up with Paulie's money every week, no matter what. Business bad? "**** you, pay me." Oh, you had a fire? "**** you, pay me." Place got hit by lightning, huh? "**** you, pay me." Also, Paulie could do anything. Especially run up bills on the joint's credit. And why not? Nobody's gonna pay for it anyway. And as soon as the deliveries are made in the front door, you move the stuff out the back and sell it at a discount. You take a two hundred dollar case of booze and you sell it for a hundred. It doesn't matter. It's all profit. And then finally, when there's nothing left, when you can't borrow another buck from the bank or buy another case of booze, you bust the joint out


      Eriksson had a great game?  Loui says, I don't care, **** you pay me.

      Eriksson had a bad game?  Loui says, I don't care, **** you pay me.

      Team is in a tight cap crunch?  Loui says, I don't care, **** you pay me.




  6. They could just have someone else in the faceoff circle then get the puck to Pettersson to lead the play going forward.
  7. Best way to use Aeroplan miles?

    1. Sikhguy23


      Air canada flightsB)

    2. MJDDawg


      Depends on how many you have. But it's slim pickins in the Aeroplan catalogue so don't expect too much.

  8. It's between Buffalo and Vancouver now for Pronman's number one ranked farm system on The Athletic.

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    2. SabreFan1


      @Tre Mac Even though I'm a Demko homer, I'm gonna guess that on a list made by a pro writer, they'll probably have Luukkonen cancelling him out considering that they were both considered the #1 Euro goalies of their classes.

    3. Baer.


      @Alflives generational? No.

    4. Alflives



      Quinn Hughes will prove to be the best player in his draft, and a unique - generational talent - who will lead us to at least three Cups.  


  9. Pettersson, Gaudette, and Virtanen will all benefit big time from today's depth signings I think. 

  10. I hope the Canucks make a big push to get OEL next year. 

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    2. Coconuts


      The only way he won't be a Coyote is if the team is relocated.

    3. Ghostsof1915


      More like it folds. 

    4. goalie13


      @Coconuts Even then, given how often teams move and keep the same name, he could be a Houston Coyote or a Kansas City Coyote or even a Quebec Coyote.  :lol:

  11. Is it fair to say the Capitals fleeced Chicago in the Kempny trade?

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    2. Tre Mac

      Tre Mac

      Shows you an elite Dman can make just about any defensive partner look good.  We see it here on a lesser scale with Tanev.

    3. Twilight Sparkle
    4. Art Vandelay

      Art Vandelay

      No. He was a UFA, and had played 1.5 NHL seasons. I honesty think Chicago got more than they should have. Props to WSH for taking the risk and it working out brilliantly. 

  12. The only real knock on his skating is his acceleration. His top speed is fine and he has some of the finest edgework at that speed of any hockey player in the world. He's going to have add some muscle so he can make those plays in the NHL but will be fine as long as he's protected.
  13. Does Guentzel get suspended for the shoulder to Carlson's head just now? Very much the same hit as Wilsons but Carlson didn't even see Guentzel coming. 

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    2. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      oh i didnt watch the last few minutes since i switched to the jets game. thatll be a pretty huge hole o.o

    3. Time Lord

      Time Lord

      You're the only one who keeps bringing it up, so maybe other people don't see it as suspension worthy?

    4. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Need a reverse angle of that hit because it's nearly impossible to tell how much head contact there was from that view.

  14. I was 6 when the Sedins made their NHL debuts. Tonight was the perfect goodbye after years of entertainment! Thank You Sedins!

  15. Sorry if this isn't allowed, what's the advantage of selling on StubHub? 

    1. Quantum


      It's a way to sell your tickets electronically without having to meet up in person. Saves the hassle of say a craigslist meet up when re-selling. Only downside is that StubHub takes a cut of your sale so, there's that.