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  1. It's between Buffalo and Vancouver now for Pronman's number one ranked farm system on The Athletic.

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    2. Phil_314



      We did have a couple solid drafts recently with the likes of Lind, Gadjovich, Gaudette, Demko... of course there's Hughes and Pettersson being the creme de la creme but the later round picks definitely help.  Had it not been for some of the more "questionable" picks like Juolevi (we'll see how he develops but including him here for the sake of an example) I feel like we could pass the Sabres for the best prospect pool in the league.   

    3. Tre Mac

      Tre Mac

      No way, Thatchy D puts us on top.

    4. Alflives


      Having the great fortune of Quinn Hughes, clearly a generational player, falling to us this past draft makes us the best there is now, and three Cups coming in the 2020’s. 

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