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  1. Last Tuesday
  2. Probably hoping he's more like a Virtanen.
  3. Liljegren Kapanen and a 2018 2nd?
  4. Agreed, we were lacking a true scorer up the middle and we got one now. If he pans out, it takes the burden off of Horvat as well.
  5. That Tanev trade with Toronto looks decent right about now. Kapanen + Liljegren....
  6. This coverage is so annoying. They started talking about Gretzky for some irrelevant reason.
  7. Could see Blake landing in OKC.
  8. Not sure if there's even a point of taking a defensemen other than Salo if he's available at 55. They all seem like they're going to be busts other than him and maybe Timmins.
  9. Really hope the Canucks can snag Robin Salo with the 55th pick.
  10. Jaret Anderson-Dolan has to get some recognition.
  11. Liljegren?
  12. Dropped all year long because he didn't make any improvements to his game.
  13. Gotta be Kostin or Ratcliffe.
  14. STL takes Hague and COL takes Timmins most likely.
  15. Is it though? Tolvanen's playing status for next year is unknown and Kostin's recovery status has been shady.