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  1. Meh, it was pretty much established that it would take several years for him to develop.
  2. KD being KD I guess.
  3. I guess we know what the Utica line-up is outside of Virtanen/Boeser spending time with the Canucks. Have heard Dahlen is hoping to play a game during this pre-season but I highly doubt that happens.
  4. I feel like Boeser is going to have to score 50 goals in a game to prove to some people on this board that he's ready for the NHL. jeez
  5. I don't think Labate can cut it in the NHL. Burmistrov was showing a lot of poise yesterday.
  6. Demko didn't look good at all today. From tonight, Virtanen, Archibald, and Boeser probably made the most notable impressions and increased their chances of making the team.
  7. Hoping Rodin gets some time to play tomorrow.
  8. IIRC, that quote came right after Goldobin pickpocketed Dorsett in the corner instead of losing a battle on the boards. It's a skill play plenty of players make, and probably the smart play for a guy like Goldobin. Goldobin is soft and shouldn't be shying away from contact, but reprimanding him for making a smart play is ridiculous.
  9. Literally jumped out of my seat when Boeser wired that top corner!
  10. Ah man threes a crowd.
  11. What happened between Dorsett and Goldobin?
  12. Damn, 1040 really driving everyone away from their station with these Sekeres comments.
  13. Guessing we'll never see Rodin play a season game as a Canuck then? Can't wait for Pittsburgh or Chicago to pick him up next year and get a decent top six scorer.
  14. Going after some of the fringe veterans he's actually competing for a spot with would be nice IMO.
  15. I'm liking the way Jake played in the scrimmage today, he's showing some of the potential he did when he was drafted 6th overall. Not too happy about him smacking Juolevi though, not really good for anyone if one of our top prospects leaves camp with a concussion and can't play for a while.