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  1. Games like tonight are the reason why we put up with him playing not so good at times. He's a monster of a sleeping giant at times. Monolith when he wants to be. Let's get that straight. Bieksa is the man. And he dates all of your moms.
  2. Damn. The tone isn't in the list. I don't wanna do through Jamster either. Too many subscriptions that don't go away 10 bucks a month for nothing what so ever.
  3. I'm gonna check if I could get the ringtone for Danger Zone to commemorate his return. We have to call him Danger Zone Burrows from now on. I move that we shall ordain him with this name.
  4. I've learned to just weather the personal attacks on here. Haha! Got one warning already. LoL! But seriously. The Tale of The Tape comments by Kevy were great! He rocks!!!
  5. I think we keep him because he has a hot wife. Approval ratings are pretty universal.
  6. Burrows was rather excellent last year. If I may say so myself.
  7. Yes. I agree that making this a banner year would be good. No more floundering. He's just gotta pick up his pace the way he has been. And crunch a few guys too. Maybe beat up a couple guys. Get his respect back again after his set backs.
  8. I say we call him Petey. =D
  9. Bieksa's my boy.
  10. Bieksa needs to play a speedy power game. Throw in a little finesse.
  11. I love seeing Kevy turn up his play. But because of these threads I wonder if he's gonna mess up. Haha! What would we do without #3 though eh?
  12. Love the Bieksa figure skating gif. Mistakes are made though. Really. Why didn't anyone help him out!!!?
  13. He needs to pick up his defensive coverage skating possibly.
  14. We may need to pick it up physically to create some chances. And be able to pinch in with some speed. Been doing good in some ways though.