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  1. You have a very rosey picture of the future. It does not matter if the Canucks make the dance or not, because they would be out in the first round against a clearly focused Kings team. Now is the time for Benning and Linden to move assets and get whatever return we can. The 'transition' is over and the 'rebuild' should be in full swing. I'm a LONG TIME CANUCK FAN and I do not want to see this mediocre team year after year. I'd rather suffer through a couple of losing seasons in which our youth gain experience and grit, and then maybe, just maybe, we can start going after some big-ticket free agents that make sense toward building a 'true' Cup contender in a very tough, rough and dirty Western Conference. Bye bye Hamhuis, Prust, Burrows, Edler, Vrbatta and Weber. Time to move on.
  2. Can you say - Alex Semin?
  3. Let's be honest - Vrbata has been a huge disappointment this season. The sad thing is that even at the trade deadline with teams definitely wanting him, the way he has played this year will have other GM's downgrading what the Canucks would be offered in return. In any case, they've got to get what they can for him at or before the deadline, because this team (again, let's be honest and not fool ourselves) is not going to make the playoffs with or without him. 'Nuff said.
  4. You're kidding, right? Mark my words, which I will say here: Jensen will NEVER make this team full time. He will be traded eventually, because he has and will not live up to the hype of his signing. He will be an AHL'r or go back to Europe to finish his career. Guance "might" become a full time player with this team. Much depends on the season he has in Utica. McCann will say. Much required scoring punch for this offensively challenged team. Virtanen will go back to the Hitmen. He needs another year to work harder at putting together the "strength" game with the "brain" game.
  5. I totally agree. The kid got robbed of his first point in the NHL. I was very surprised this was not corrected before end of game when game sheets become official. Oh well, next game he'll just have to get a 'goal' and an assist. He did not get much playing time, but I thought he was effective when he was out there. Made a great defensive play on that goal; so that is sure to make Coach 'D' happy with the kid. My brother lives in Sault Ste. Marie and he said everyone in town is talking about he and his Canuck debut - "Maybe McCann won't be sent back to the Greyhounds, what will we do without him?" I suspect he will have to have a very good 9 game audition (definitely putting up some points along with solid d-zone play) in order for the Canucks to keep him with the big club, otherwise it won't be a surprise to anyone if he gets sent back to the Greyhounds.
  6. Maybe that was harsh I apologize maybe you're not an idiot but man you need to figure out what it is to have faith.

  7. has not set their status

  8. Oh, come on. Every "true" Canucks fan can speculate all we want, can't we. Just saying how I felt after watching last nights game.

  9. -4.

    Thats an omen.

    Stop posting please.