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  1. You have a very rosey picture of the future. It does not matter if the Canucks make the dance or not, because they would be out in the first round against a clearly focused Kings team. Now is the time for Benning and Linden to move assets and get whatever return we can. The 'transition' is over and the 'rebuild' should be in full swing. I'm a LONG TIME CANUCK FAN and I do not want to see this mediocre team year after year. I'd rather suffer through a couple of losing seasons in which our youth gain experience and grit, and then maybe, just maybe, we can start going after some big-ticket free agents that make sense toward building a 'true' Cup contender in a very tough, rough and dirty Western Conference. Bye bye Hamhuis, Prust, Burrows, Edler, Vrbatta and Weber. Time to move on.
  2. Let's be honest - Vrbata has been a huge disappointment this season. The sad thing is that even at the trade deadline with teams definitely wanting him, the way he has played this year will have other GM's downgrading what the Canucks would be offered in return. In any case, they've got to get what they can for him at or before the deadline, because this team (again, let's be honest and not fool ourselves) is not going to make the playoffs with or without him. 'Nuff said.
  3. You're kidding, right? Mark my words, which I will say here: Jensen will NEVER make this team full time. He will be traded eventually, because he has and will not live up to the hype of his signing. He will be an AHL'r or go back to Europe to finish his career. Guance "might" become a full time player with this team. Much depends on the season he has in Utica. McCann will say. Much required scoring punch for this offensively challenged team. Virtanen will go back to the Hitmen. He needs another year to work harder at putting together the "strength" game with the "brain" game.
  4. I totally agree. The kid got robbed of his first point in the NHL. I was very surprised this was not corrected before end of game when game sheets become official. Oh well, next game he'll just have to get a 'goal' and an assist. He did not get much playing time, but I thought he was effective when he was out there. Made a great defensive play on that goal; so that is sure to make Coach 'D' happy with the kid. My brother lives in Sault Ste. Marie and he said everyone in town is talking about he and his Canuck debut - "Maybe McCann won't be sent back to the Greyhounds, what will we do without him?" I suspect he will have to have a very good 9 game audition (definitely putting up some points along with solid d-zone play) in order for the Canucks to keep him with the big club, otherwise it won't be a surprise to anyone if he gets sent back to the Greyhounds.
  5. I could not agree more! They need to shoot the puck much more, especially from the points. Spread them out, then get it back to the point and blast away. They're not all going to be blocked, and then GET GUYS IN FRONT OF THE NET, and screen Hiller! The past few games, same old same old, cycle the puck with nobody ever taking a beating challenging for space in front of the net. Let's get some dirty goals tonight! I'm sick of the same old same old. Time to surprise the Flames and change tactics.
  6. In no way shape or form is this team as talented, or maybe more importantly ... "as gritty" as the 1994 Canucks. There is about a 5% chance this team comes back to win this series. I've been a Canuck fan for over 40 years, but I am a realist. Canucks blew this series in the last minute of game one.
  7. Great Post!! I agree with you 100%. However, even those 'small' moves are ones that either hurt you, or help you, come playoff time. Willie's choice to insert Vey and McMillan into the lineup, and not Sven, was not a good move. Why not put Sven in there, as he might just have some pent up energy to work toward a great game vs his old team. Now, let's hope the coach sees the need to start Miller next game. Although I won't put blame on Lack in last nights game (as the rest of the team simply showed no heart, no desire, no will to win, period!), but that 3rd goal in the last minute of the 1st was a killer that should NEVER go in!
  8. Time to take a 'chill pill'. It is ONE GAME! Remember in the 2011 Finals... we were up 2-0. A lot of good that did us, when we could not even win ONE game on the road. The Canucks will learn from last night's effort, especially how they allowed the Flames to cycle the puck way too much in the final minutes of the 3rd. Willie will have them ready to roll on Friday, no worries. Verbata will play much better next game, just wait and see.
  9. Mike Millbury is a joke
  10. "If" the Canucks can finish off the Flames in the 1st round, then I'd have to agree with you. Based on past history when these two teams play each other in the first round, the winner goes on to play in the Stanley Cup Finals every time. And, the fact it happened twice that the Canucks came out a winner (1982 and 1994) in the first round series with the Flames, and did NOT win the cup, then THIS DEFINITELY IS THE YEAR! GO-CANUCKS-GO! Surprise every one of the non-believers
  11. Yes, Kassian has scored of late. However, in the last game vs. Minny, I counted at least 5 TIMES that he coughed the puck up on the board, in "critical" places on the ice!! He is SO lucky that none resulted in a goal the other way. If 'you' are the coach, does this give you confidence in playing him? If my job as the coach is under scrutiny, I certainly am not thinking I keep Kassian in the lineup every game just because! Time to give McMillan a chance and see what he can do. Kassian STILL has much growing up to do, and he needs to get his head on straight because he is still running around the ice, floating a lot, when he should be picking up checks - and not watching the play. I like Zach, but he really needs to get his "mind" and "game" in order before he "stays in the lineup".
  12. Get rid of: Higgins Stanton Weber Depart with: Markstrom Burrows
  13. You're crazy if you think Benning is even considering trading Dorsett right now! He's been one of the best and most consistent players on the team this year. If he trades him, then the team goes down the drain. There are other players that are more likely to be traded at the deadline (or dealt with at the draft or over the summer); Higgins, Burrows, Bonino, Bieksa, etc.
  14. Actually when he was with Indianapolis of the WHA (World Hockey Association), not WHL. The Indianapolis Racers folded in the middle of the WHA's final season.