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    Canucks tonight? Looks about right in the heart and grit level.

  2. You want razzle dazzle and cute little plays ? Play the Sedin. You want grit and heart? Bench the Sedin because they don't have either of those qualities. And their lack of it trickles down the dressing find someone to tell me I'm wrong and I'll show you a liar.
  3. 21 minutes and counting til gillis is fired for miss management.
  4. 21 minutes and counting til gillis is fired for miss management.
  5. It is UN-believable how crapty this frackin team is. Scrap the year boys , fire the swedes get some Canadian grit.
  6. I hate to say it but your right, at 0-6 it leads me to believe the level of compete is just as bad in the front office as it is on the ice. I cant think of one team out there that would put up with this crap play for half as long. Leafs 5 Nucks 0
  7. In Lou's defence its not all his fault he's terrible, the whole team is terrible.
  8. We are just such a S$&TY hockey team , packing it in night in and night out. We deserve better. Keep cashing those checks Canucks thats all that seems to matter to you guys.
  9. Wow the Refs finally got one right! Hell is freezing over
  10. Ya O.K. we get it ! You love this city! This artical was pure tripe. It had nothing to do with Kesler.
  11. HAHAHAHA wow what a mug.