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  1. If we keep Hansen then we need to trade Granlund or we will almost certainly be losing him to Vegas. Hate to say it but based on his age and the fact he will fetch more, we need to trade Hansen.
  2. I love McCann as much as the next guy, but I would package him for Drouin in a heart beat. Drouin has elite prospect, first line potential where as I can't see McCann becoming a legit 1C. We need a top end scoring prospect and this would fill that need. I hate to say it, but this team could survive without McCann considering our current depth at center. When we traded Shink for Granlund this potential trade was the first thing that popped in my head.
  3. People need to remember that if the Sedins retire we will have an extra $14 million to go get a couple of first line players if we don't have any developed in our system.
  4. Give me a break...That 2nd for Baertschi was a STEAL..When have we ever drafted a stud dman in the 2nd round...We converted that pick into a 2nd line winger. Also, hate on Vey all you want but based on odds alone he has turned out to be a better player than an average 2nd round pick.
  5. If Green would have went to bad for Shinkaruk and said he could become a stud in the NHL, I can't imagine Benning making the trade. This kind of leads me to believe that Green doesn't think he will translate to an NHL scorer either...There are plenty of players who can score in the AHL but not in the NHL.
  6. Okay, but I know at least one scout came out and said that Shinkaruk's pre-draft interviews really turned them off of him and it's why he dropped so far that we even had a chance to draft him. It's possible he fixed it, but maybe he hasn't and that's part of the reason why Benning wanted to get rid of him.
  7. Really? He fell in the draft for having a terrible attitude, and there are numerous people saying he is a giant douche. His attitude very well could have been a big reason Benning was trying to get rid of him for so long.
  8. Jason Garrison so far?

    No preseason plus adjusting to a new system explains the slow start. The dude has a rocket. I hope the coach stops defying logic and actually keeps him on the first unit.
  9. Anyone have a pic of Luongo robbing Smyth?