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  1. ok all we know is 2 things: 1) INTERNET FIGHT!!! 2) He has bad taste in so called music 4-2 nux GO CANUCKS GO!!
  2. Wow great stuff!! i am glad they do have somewhat a voice of reason on the CDC. I attended a number of games during the world cup and was amazed to see how many Canucks jerseys were in the stands!! yay us. so i am wondering if i do not go the the game on the 5th at the ACC, if some of us in toronto can meet a a local establishment and take it over. But saying that there is a chance i may attend the game. a few weeks ago, i tryed to get tix but they were sold out so i might find a third party agent. Just wondering what the interest would be in toronto for us canucks fans that have to live/work here Go Canucks Go!!
  3. I think Sven is gonna be a steady player for years. like i mean he has 21 goals in my nhl 17 season so far. 4-2 Canucks Go Canucks Go!!
  4. Great post man! i also live in toronto as i happen to work here. I was born in van and i proudly wear my gear to any event here all year long. Hate the leefs. The biggest issue that i have is watching the games as the people here do not belive that there is a world outside of thier borders. I was watching crapty online feeds forever but they prove unreliable. i just recently bought the nhl package for my ps4 so i am set!! Go Canucks Go!!
  5. Yes!! back on the first line get us some points sir!!
  6. Well... Its that time of year again. RESURRECTED!!!
  7. ya i was thinking......what is the hard pass thing he was doing towards the goalie? Woooooooo!!!!! Go Canucks Go!!!!
  8. Well i dunno about this fellow. Maybe he is over the hill now. just look at his point totals. His production has taken a dramatic slide this year opposed to the years prior. Year G A Pts 2009 – 10 35 32 67 2010 – 11 26 22 48 2011 – 12 28 24 52 2012 – 13 13 11 24 I may be wrong, but the numbers do not lie. Maybe clutch had something after all.
  9. http://youtu.be/C_vgX4F4ChA
  10. http://youtu.be/onSfz_bv5oY
  11. So what you are saying is........ we really do need him?
  12. dude seriously?.....I think you jinxed him
  13. Wasteofskin sez "Burrows will get a hat trick tonite!!!" woooooooo!!!! GO CANUCKS GO!!!!
  14. he did good tonite