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  1. I think this has be discussed and analyzed more than enough. Next subject.
  2. Anyways. I am not debating iPhones in this. The topic was warranty for ipad
  3. That is an insult to Sami
  4. not a matter of it failing at all, chance of any tablet or ipad screen getting cracked is high and can be very costly
  5. Well I am looking at the iPad pro. It should be good for a few years. Coscto turnaround time seems quick. The insurance company is Asurion. It looks like most devices are fixed or replaced within a couple days. I change iPhones every time a new one comes out. Not the iPad though. They are too expensive to change lol
  6. Sorry that mention was for Shift-4
  7. Yes I could. The 3 years is appealing as my last mini ipad screen broke after the second year. Apple Care had expired at that point. Costco looks like they send out for repair and if all else fails will replace in store.
  8. It isn't a matter of over thinking. All warranties have some issues. Nothing wrong with doing research.
  9. Random question: Looking at getting a new iPad and am comparing all the different warranties. Apple Care being the obvious. $99. 2 year coverage. Covered up to two incidents with damage and a $49 fee each time. Then we have Simply Computing Warranty. Pretty much the same as Apple Care. I believe it has option for 3 year for $129. $49 fee for incidents for replacements due to damage. Lastly is the Costco Warranty. $99. 3 year term. No deductibles. I know this seems like the most obvious one to get. I am just looking for feedback. Maybe someone has a bad experience with any of these Warranties.
  10. Everyone always talks about Horvat being the next captain, I know he hasn't suited up yet but why hasn't anyone mentioned Boeser? I think he will be a great player who would be a bigger candidate for Captain.
  11. Writing off Trudeau after 9 months? Usually Presidents/Prime Ministers etc need more than 9 months to address major changes that are major impacts.
  12. I am okay with that. I think Sven will have a great year