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  1. Surprising for sure. They have the cap space to re-sign him and no reason to believe why they couldn't be back in the SCF next year. Poille is the new cap magician. Regardless, hats off to a great career Mr Fisher!
  2. lol
  3. I wouldn't scoff at this proposal.
  4. Wow. Ron Delorme wasn't one of the ones parting ways? I thought he was the leader of the pack of scouts who were leaving the organization.
  5. Did I miss something about Salo getting a spot on the team or are you referring to when he was a guest coach? I am a huge Salo fan and would love to see him as a development coach or other role.
  6. Shorthouse is with Sportsnet and does the TV broadcasts. I liked Rick Ball......found him very likable and called the game the way a commentator should...Jon Abbott on the other hand.... Certainly not his worst call but that's all I could find on Youtube
  7. If true, looks like local boy Batchelor is up for a big promotion! Thoughts? I like this. Jon Abbott is not the voice for play by play here. I dread being in the car and wanting to listen to the games when he is calling them. He sounds too much like a fan rather than a proper commentator. Maybe he can stay and be a sports reporter but with TSN 1040 losing the games, they will likely be stockpiled for hosts of current shows. Where will he land if this is true? I wonder if Sat Shah could join as a play by play or if he will land his own show with 650. Batchelor leaves Giants, appears headed to Sportsnet 650 to call Canucks games Brendan Batchelor has called Vancouver Giants games with Bill Wilms for four seasons.Vancouver Giants photo Various sources suggest Brendan Batchelor will be the next radio voice of the Vancouver Canucks. Sportsnet 650, who will take over broadcasting the games from TSN 1040 this fall, has yet to name a play-by-play team. Batchelor, 28, has called Vancouver Giants’ games the past four seasons. According to various sources, he resigned from the WHL club on Monday and is refusing to say where he’s going, other than to admit he starts his new gig in August. Batchelor, 28, had an interview with Canucks and 1040 brass prior to the 2014-15 season, when they were looking for a play-by-play man to replace the departing Rick Ball. Jon Abbott got the gig then, and had it through this past season. Is Batchelor the next guy? It certainly looks like it. “You do the math,” said a source who wished to remain anonymous. Batchelor, a BCIT product, has worked as an announcer, reporter and producer for TSN 1040 as well since October, 2008. He’s also done play-by-play for Whitecaps FC2. Sportsnet 650 announced its morning show featuring James Cybulski, Steve Darling and Mira Laurence earlier this month. Other announcements are expected in the coming weeks. The station is expected to be up and running in September.
  8. Id love to see hutton traded. never truly been a fan. had a good rookie year and was pathetic last year
  9. spoke to team store today, on ice jerseys are 300$ way too much!! and they didnt say that was with a name!
  10. Remember when the Canucks had high hopes on him!?
  11. awesome deal for montreal. finally a good contract GMMB signs and not a horrid one!!
  12. lets hope this is the end of the chaput era
  13. i like tsn 1040. not sure all the hate on pratt. bro jake tries to be a sports guy lol. this lineup for sportsnet radio wont have me switching to them though. If it is true that Sat is joining Sportsnet, I would love to hear his show. But darling? give me a break. they could've found someone else with more appeal.
  14. plus endorsements, he will be worth a few buck$
  15. Fair comparison but Lucic is no Kessel lol. Luc is a slow skater who dominates in front of the net. Kessel is fast and is a sniper.