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  1. No hearing for Kesler, another hit to the head not worthy of a hearing. Corruption at its finest

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    2. Pears


      2-3 at least. Especially since Edler got 3 for having someone half his size run into him

    3. TimberWolf


      The NHL is crap especially with some of the suspensions we have received but the Kesler hit was not worthy a look.

    4. viking mama

      viking mama

      Another hockey-fan's eyes have been opened.

  2. That's why I hate Montreal fans. Starts the Ole chant with 3 minutes left, tons of time left to tie it and they almost did

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    2. Mathew Barzal

      Mathew Barzal

      ... and people wonder why Rogers Arena is so quiet ...

    3. BanTSN


      Not enough european women.

    4. schlaBAM


      Not enough european women indeed. You're damn right

  3. @eddielack

    Text is super blurry. The rest is great
  4. Sports Betting Thread

    I take advantage of the PlayNow promotions, there's usually make $100 bets and if you lose get it back (in a credit, of course). I made this bet on 3 MLB teams that were playing with 13+ game winning streaks (2 seasons ago) and they ALL lost. I won the second time around, but haven't done much since. I play the odd time on DraftKings, just don't have the expendable income I did a few years ago so the betting amounts are much smaller.
  5. Kesler playing some preeetty dirty hockey against the Flames tonight

  6. Ludicrous statements

    I think this needs to come back.
  7. Nashville denied an obvious goal in Edmonton. What's the crazy explanation on this one?

    1. Mr. Ambien

      Mr. Ambien

      ref was caught using Google Glass in his visor to look at Fappening pics

      That's all I got.

    2. TheRussianRocket.


      Ref lost sight of the puck, blew the whistle causing the play to go dead and then the puck went in.



      Detroit's disallowed goal was also ridiculous.

  8. Hope Dupuis is okay. That looked brutal.

    1. Rick Grimes

      Rick Grimes

      Agreed,freakin' odd play.

    2. Gross-Misconduct
    3. BanTSN


      Ouch. Right where there's no protection.

  9. jesus is strombo awful. zero hockey knowledge

    1. BanTSN


      Still better than Rotten Ronnie though. Ship's sailed.

    2. schlaBAM


      I don't think I've heard him pronounce a single name or team right yet. Pretty embarrassing.

  10. First in the west!! Presidents trophy on its way!

  11. hearing Santorelli's name too often in the leafs game. miss the guy

    1. Canucks1219


      Santorelli with a goal...

    2. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Canucks better win or else there will be a thread on this.

  12. Snowboard & Ski Thread

    Tragic news about JP and Andreas, huge blow to the ski world. Stoked for this season to come already, got my Biggie pass, new Oakley Airbrakes, can't wait to get out especially after my season ending short with my broken collarbone last February. Big season ahead!
  13. Is this Gillis visiting Demitra's resting place - still wearing blue? Didn't realize they were that close

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    2. viking mama

      viking mama

      ^Agree. I felt he always had the players' best interests & future happiness at heart. That's what makes his choice of John Tortorella to coach his team all the more, surprising.

    3. Newsflash


      Don't think that's a Canucks shirt.

    4. Tearloch7


      I think Torts was an Aquilini choice myself .. paisano and all.

  14. [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    The alcohol helped quite a bit after the 6th. At least Jose hit a dinger, I was happy to celebrate that with the fans around us before things turned for the worst!
  15. [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    But he still managed to win it!! Had to turn it off after 14 to go to work so I just finished watching jays in 30. Pretty damn unreal pitching from both teams! Also going to the game tomorrow.. will be front row right behind the boy's dugout. So stoked for the series!!