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  1. Greyhound is dead

    i used to like greyhound courier service for shipping things overnight.
  2. [Signing] Sabres sign Rasmus Dahlin

    lucky bums
  3. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign Tyler Ennis

    a joke?
  4. [Report] Alexandre Burrows announces retirement

    good luck Burr, thanks for the memories!
  5. right player, wrong timing.
  6. Cross Canada Road Trip

    depends which way your going to banff i guess and how much time you have...but i would check out Nelson BC, and take the ferry from there(balfour) over the lake and then through creston past cranbrook up to fairmont hot springs, invermere, radium hot springs and over to banff from there. to get to nelson maybe go through kelowna. thats a pretty decent tour of the bc interior with lots of lakes, mountains and hot springs etc. along the way.
  7. Vancouver out despite being awarded a 2026 World Cup host spot

    thats a i gotta go to deadmonton.
  8. Clock stops for leader of The Stopwatch Gang

    i remember the Bloodhound Gang, but not the Stopwatch Gang.
  9. good to hear they arent bringing in big fish. we arent there yet...slow and steady lets keep the rebuild going and the prospect pool deep.
  10. Reason for optimism/create your 2018/19 Nucks powerplay

    i wanna see a right handed shot on the point passing to Boeser on the left side. seems much more natural to me...the lefties seem to have trouble and pause to much.
  11. Should Canada join the EU ?

    its a pass from me.
  12. Juolevi or 2018 pick

    hindsight is 20/20 and the future is unknown.
  13. im to lazy, somebody photohop ovi shirtless with putin on his horse.