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  1. secure the kids rights now! congrats trevy!
  2. terrible. at the very least they should be publicly shamed and hopefully suffer years of torment.
  3. if he gets paroled, 10 bucks says he ends up back in jail before he is 75, .....he will eff up again, its in his DNA. and CNN cant wait for the ratings boost again.
  4. its kinda weird that the grey background is semi transparent....i can see the photo behind it.
  5. cody is a classic douche. never watched BB before but i am a survivor fan so i thought i would give it a try. its okay, kinda weird... but when there is drama it gets entertaining.
  6. dont fut wit east van raccoons.....serious, when i lived in east van in the mid 90's i had this nasty raccoon living in my day i tried to shew her away with a broom and it literally dove off the roof at my head to attack me.....i ducked and it did a faceplant and tumbled down my back steps.
  7. somebody has thread diarrhea
  8. the Enemy
  9. what about Jesus?...wasnt he brown and usually portrayed as a white dude?
  10. thanks for the info guys. yeah, i do wanna open an account with IB but i will wait until i have the min. req. for day trading. even though QT blows, it does have a few advantages for beginner types like me. another thing ive liked about questrade is the fact that my margin account also leverages anything i have in my TFSA giving me a lot more buying in my tfsa i have some longer term investments that i can also use to boost my margin in my margin account for day trading.
  11. does anyone that uses interactive brokers know if there is a PDT rule for Canadians trading US stocks? if so, whats the min. acct. balance needed? i know that questrade does not employ the PDT rule which is another reason i dont mind it for now. thanks for any info re IB.
  12. gonna miss him, class act.
  13. goodbye and good luck Miller-time! nice to see a goalie depart Van on good terms.