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  1. Happy 420...smoke 'em if u got 'em!

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      Now that the government is involved and it's legal nobody can get it in several areas.

      Typical government $&!# show!Just a bunch of incompetent idiots that have never smoked pot and are making up the rules.


      They were starting to run out the second week,I don't ever remember the Angels ever running out.

      But they want to get illegal pot off the market,just soooo stupid.


      If you got em' you are luck and DO SMOKE EM.

    3. Toni Zamboni

      Toni Zamboni


      I think it was a term picked up and popularized by the Grateful Dead in the 70's and became a bit of code of sorts when smoking herb. Supposedly friends of the band originally coined the term in their high school days. Later on High Times magazine made it a thing and April 20th was adopted as the national celebration.

    4. luckylager


      Happy Weedhead New Year!

  2. Hogwash! Petey loves it here...and has developed great chemistry and friendships with his team mates.
  3. I enjoyed watching the Pens get swept! :emot-parrot:

  4. I like it..... although i would not have an S on the end....just The Kraken sounds great to me.
  5. just googled the nhl draft lottery sim...clicked the link...i guess it automatically runs the sim for had Vancouver at number 3....ill take out.
  6. withdrawal setting in, gotz tha shakes!

  7. Glad he is okay. I still remember the full size wrestling ring he had in his back yard at the family home in Calgary back in the 80's. Stampede Wrestling was the best, used to love the Hart brother's when they would all fly into the ring from their dressing room, sometimes wearing jeans.. to save the day when one of the brothers was getting tag teamed illegally. Dynamite Kid was one of the "bad guys" back in the day before he teamed up with Davey Boy and turned to the good side.