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  1. Twin Peaks (1990 - 1991)
  2. wasted my minus earlier today, but i will be back in this thread tomorrow.
  3. thanks....but im not sure i doesnt say either?
  4. no shots fired?? must be fake. jk. i did find some of the comments on youtube amusing tho.
  5. congrats to Milos....bummed, i fell asleep during the 3rd set...sounds like it was quite the finish to the match.
  6. did Gstank get banned as well? altho i never agreed with Desiboy's point of view on certain subjects, i kinda liked his style.....meaning he didnt really seem to get bothered by the flack that came his way because of his viewpoints. Lots of insults got hurled his way(im guilty of a few lobs), and he wouldnt usually resort to attacking other posters and he would just continue to post his side and that seemed to do the job of infuriating people even more. if he was actually a troll, he was brilliant at it and never broke out of his character/schtick very often. imo, there are a few posters that could use a ban before Desi. RIP Desi
  7. about, when "15 minutes of fame", really literally means 15 minutes.
  8. cool......yeah ive seen it pop up in various places the last couple seasons....almost time to get busy on some new stuff for this season.
  9. never knew they existed...when i saw this thread i thought it was for HFboards....and i was like, that will not be good for CDC, thank goodness its not the case.
  10. great term and amount...great news, congrats Marky! looks like we will be seeing this for a few more years...