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  1. i used to log into the home page of cause i liked all the stats, schedule etc widgets i dont bother going to that page anymore for news etc. old site was way better. i do like the new forum format but also miss a few of the key features here as well.
  2. it woke me up and got me outta bed....didnt know what it was but i knew something had happened.
  3. i got confused on Sundays show when they showed Josh banging pans to bug Mark... and Ramses was in a few scenes......i guess it was a flashback to before the vote but it wasnt really clear. Cody and Jess are pretty bad at game play and the social aspect...they have had a ton of advantages and blown them.
  4. Kevin is the best, what a character, hope he wins it all. Paul is riot as well, he should be on every season. Raven is sweet too, wouldnt mind if she went all the way! ( )
  5. I see a little silhouetto of a man Scaramucci, Scaramucci, will you do the Fandango?
  6. speaking of i was following a rig and he sideswiped a big planter box hanging on a light pole on a main street in a town and smashed it to pieces causing it to crash to the ground. he slowed down, took a look at what he hit and then just took off on down the highway. a few days ago i was behind another rig around 10pm as he was pulling off the highway into a lumber mill, he flicked a cigarette butt out his window and it hit the side of the road, causing a big splash of sparks as it tumbled into the ditch in rural interior BC, guaranteed he does this all over the province while he travels...such ignorance. ICBC are idiots and some truckers can be idiots too.
  7. secure the kids rights now! congrats trevy!
  8. terrible. at the very least they should be publicly shamed and hopefully suffer years of torment.
  9. if he gets paroled, 10 bucks says he ends up back in jail before he is 75, .....he will eff up again, its in his DNA. and CNN cant wait for the ratings boost again.
  10. its kinda weird that the grey background is semi transparent....i can see the photo behind it.
  11. cody is a classic douche. never watched BB before but i am a survivor fan so i thought i would give it a try. its okay, kinda weird... but when there is drama it gets entertaining.
  12. dont fut wit east van raccoons.....serious, when i lived in east van in the mid 90's i had this nasty raccoon living in my day i tried to shew her away with a broom and it literally dove off the roof at my head to attack me.....i ducked and it did a faceplant and tumbled down my back steps.
  13. somebody has thread diarrhea