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  1. Boeser is gonna be a beast in a couple years
  2. it was worth the wait baby!!! yesss!!!
  3. "thats a fugging bad call"
  4. poor baer, needs one bad. yuk!
  5. keep shooting, i like this
  6. go granny go granny go granny, go!
  7. did the Tragically Hip ever make a bad song? me thinks so many great tunes in so many different styles from hard to ballad. Gordon's voice is so majestic and watching him perform live was always such an entertaining experience....we were blessed to have him share his spirit with us.
  8. it wouldnt be Vancouver without a goalie controversy.
  9. damn....RIP Gordy. one of the best.
  10. 4-3 Nux win! Burr with the hatty!