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  1. hehehe
  2. the rich get richer
  3. gotta pay attention to these pather picks.......cause there is a good chance he will be a canuck one day.
  4. well now we know who they were alluding to pre show when they said someone did poorly in the interview process and his stock fell drastically as a result. Vilardi.
  5. petterson at 5 hey
  6. jim on da phone??
  7. every time i see Rasmussen, i think of this track...
  8. poor man's Jason Sudeikis
  9. how bout those uniforms? 'crickets'
  10. i prefer the V neck collar to this. i would also lose the "Vancouver" i still like the whale logo, and think it reps BC just fine.
  11. Dr. Jason Seaver
  12. Lus Vegas