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  1. Liberals: Easy to spend money (taxpayers) when it is not your money. Liberals: Turned a blind eye to the money laundering at the B.C. Casinos. Liberals: Took out hundreds of millions from ICBC and BC Hydro. Don't worry, we will just raise the rates. Liberals: No longer in power.
  2. Good catch. I forgot. The casino wins if 0 or 00 comes up if you play the outside bets.
  3. Vegas odds: Our favorite team: the Vancouver Canucks 35-1 (24 teams before the 1st round, usually it's 16 teams) The odds will change for most teams after this round before the 1st round. Boston Bruins +650 13/2 7.5 Tampa Bay Lightning +650 13/2 7.5 Colorado Avalanche +800 8/1 9 Vegas Golden Knights +800 8/1 9.0 Washington Capitals +900 9/1 10.0 Philadelphia Flyers +1000 10/1 11.0 St. Louis Blues +1100 11/1 12.0 Dallas Stars +1500 15/1 16.0 Pittsburgh Penguins +1600 16/1 17.0 Edmonton Oilers +2300 23/1 24.0 Toronto Maple Leafs +2900 29/1 30.0 Calgary Flames +3500 35/1 36.0 Vancouver Canucks +3500 35/1 36.0 Nashville Predators +4000 40/1 41.0 Arizona Coyotes +4300 43/1 44.0 Carolina Hurricanes +4300 43/1 44.0 Minnesota Wild +4300 43/1 44.0
  4. 12.5% of winning, 87.5% chance of losing. Better odds at the casino. 50% chance: red or black, odd or even, high or low at the roulette table. Better to go on a playoff run and surprise the naysayers.
  5. Can't try to to cover up when there is video evidence. Polish man tasered to death in Vancouver Airport.
  6. He will be a force in the playoffs this year and in the future. All the young stars JB acquired are all going to grow up together and win Lord Stanley. Hockey Gaud is on our side!
  7. Many Canadians who work/live elsewhere will come back to Canada to retire with free medical care. You know medical insurance is hundreds of dollars per month in some countries.
  8. I heard this story from my friend. Bullies a 92 year old lady.
  9. Big Bird, Larry Robinson loves Scandella.
  10. Even Johns Hopkins University agreed that deaths are almost certainly being undercounted: "We definitely think there are deaths that we have not accounted for," said Jennifer Nuzzo, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security. JHU has been tracking the virus from the beginning, maintaining an online database that has become one of the most trusted and widely-cited sources of data on deaths and cases by the press around the world. Pink got tested, not once but twice. The not so rich or not connected don't get tested unless you are already half dead.
  11. Doctor explains COVID-19 12 Million views since March 23/20
  12. They tried to cover it up in the beginning until it got out of hand. Thousands left Wuhan for the New Year before the lockdown. Zero home grown cases now? Once a liar always a liar.