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  1. hahah you are a genius. awesome name!

  2. hahaha I may not be a european, but I'm sure I'm a Canucks fan!

  3. hey! im european and canadian and a canucks fan! :P

  4. Aahh, Yeah same here=] Only a couple more months and we are out of that zoo, But ofcourse, as we leave, there will be wonderful memories;)... Yeah I do know here Cloverdale is, My ex lives in that area..haha, Nice place..

  5. Ahha, No I actually dont know that school. I might play it for game and stuff=]... But Its wierd, Iv never heard of it.. So are you still in High School?

  6. Ohh really? Thats cool=] What school do you go to?

  7. Ahaha, I go to Fraser Heights Secondary=] Why?

  8. Hhaha, Yeah, He was awesome last night=] AV would be very stupid if he didnt play him tommorrow=[.. Hhaha, Yes, Its the time already, christmas shopiing=] Havent started yet but I think Ill be heading to the states this year for the shopping...

  9. Hahah, Yeah. It is great to be a canucks fan isnt it=] Great game tonight! They played really good!

  10. Ahah=] No problem=] How you liking it here?