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  1. All the fish should be little Raffi's
  2. Has Canuckelion seen the light that Bieksa is awesome yet? (it took me until part way through the season to see it myself)
  3. do you think that you'll get strippers on your upcoming birthday?

  4. There's no way a 12 year old would know the original definition of peruse as the opposite of how it's used now.

  5. Worships Luongo
  6. Plays mafia
  7. Grrrrr... I'm agree that the Salo thread got locked, I was gonna post this: It shall live on in DRN!
  8. Banned for independence
  9. You're 12 and what is this?

  10. Banned for typing "@55"
  11. Hallo everybody!
  12. Banned for banning for :wub:ing emoticons... Absolutely everyone does that That's exactly why I left this thread for a couple months.... No creativity
  13. Banned for being part of our incredibly awkward conversation in the 'If a tree in a forest falls' thread.
  14. You would take Alberts over Bieksa