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  1. likes taylor swift.go kanye!
  2. your sig is dope man

  3. Banned for making it hard to find a reason to ban
  4. banned for liking cats, i hate cats.
  5. your siggys enjoyable to watch.

  6. Kanye West - Power
  7. Banned for having an averagely hot girl in your avatar.
  8. Banned for joining on the first day of february.
  9. Banned for joining cdc 5 days before halloween.
  10. banned for some random reason of unknown proportions.
  11. 21 Guns - Green Day Anyone know the name of the chick in the vid? She's frackin hot.
  12. GREAT song, Goodnight - Kanye West
  13. There was hail the size of pennys in surrey today, didnt stop for about 20 minutes
  14. clear in surrey/