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  1. 2-1 nucks gaudette gets one with demko chucking in the empty netter from downtown.
  2. Is julolevi really playing? I dislike david perron, hopefully stetcher tunes him up.
  3. I noticed that too, didnt he do that once with success last year in an overtime game?
  4. I'm lucky-ish as i live in Australia so its pretty much impossible for the game to get spoiled unless I check social media at lunchtime. On the other hand I dont get to talk canucks hockey with anyone. Although a dr. From richmond bc spotted my nucks shirt under my nursing scrubs the other day.
  5. Julolevi played some pretty good minutes...good poke check, a few good head fakes, bit a bit adventurous on that last shift lol.
  6. The was 1 shift in I think the 3rd where he had what looked like a giveaway but in then pearson appeared to have no stick? I wonder if pearson broke his stick on that one? I thought he looked ok. Didn't seem too keen to skate the puck, but looked prettty strong on the boards and he blocked that 2 on 1 pass.
  7. Is this the new 'No scrum' rule? How does it work?
  8. On interesting 30secs Olli fires one off his own man and virtanen is in on the break away but I was was surprised how well Olli got back, seems he has some good legs (or it's a reflection of jakes conditioning)
  9. I wish they would stream the scrimmage rather than just radio coverage. Its cruel to have cameras there then to just give us 2 mins of highlights at the end.