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  1. I'm surprised tram himself doesn't see Utica as his best option. If it was me I'd like to learn a bit first before jumping into the big leagues. However maybe being in a small town in utica might be lonely etc. i don think I've heard anything that he is 100% against Utica. NOr have I heard if he has been formally asked.
  2. As much as id like tram in against a bigger team it will be good to see how larsen fares. Larsen was solid against carolina but this will be a test.
  3. i think he was trying to chirp Tkchuck in the first.
  4. I get all the arguments about staying in utica. For purely selfish reasons i wonder if they were in bc would someone put a camera in there so i could watch the games? I can't sit through the utica broadcast. People say they worry about the fishbowl effect of being in bc but do the marlies suffer from that?
  5. Could horvat play wing on either the 1st or second lines? Id imagine he would be good with the twins. A waste of eriksson though. What about bear cheese, sutter, horvat?
  6. forsling is 20 so he would be nice to have. but maybe stetcher doesnt sign here if thats the case. shame we cant have both.
  7. I agree, stetcher will be a better player if he goes to utica. However it seems etem was sent down for a bad camp. Stetcher had a good camp and sent down. Sorry i liked etem. I know he didnt scire or fight or anything. But he holds the puck, gets it i to the offensive zone and isnt a knob. What more can you ask? Skille looked good though to be fair.
  8. except for stetcher.
  9. yeah he doesnt inspire confidence with his shooting. but he does hold possession, moves the puck out of our zone and seems good on puck retrieval...but yeah thats were it ends, maybe thats ok for a 4th line guy?
  10. i have wondered about etem's skating as well. he seems to over balance a bit. he is obviously strong though. maybe a skating coach or something needed? he looked pretty decent i think last night. made a good plays and was close to getting an assist or two. i think at this stage he gives you more than labate.
  11. i think thats the thing is larsen seems scared to take hits and stetcher seems like he at least doesnt look afraid in the board battles and with forecheckers coming in like larsen does. . I imagine at practices larsen looks as good or even better that stetcher during drills etc. stetcher is just seems so much more assertive with the puck than larsen, he seems to want the puck on his stick more than larsen.
  12. is there a possibility they just ask Tryamkin if he is willing to go down to Utica for a while and he agrees (if he feels its in his best interest). I think he can go down but his contract has an out-if he chooses. He seems to be improving but seems a bit passive below the goal lines, hes good with the puck though. A month in Utica with top minutes would do him wonders. I'm sure the coaches could make a convincing case to him. Right now I think Sbisa is probably better, but obviously long term is Tram.
  13. that cannon that shoots t shirts is pretty rad
  14. just checked doesnt have a stream (says ;no video') for the nucks game today. will this be televised?
  15. Canberra . No surf here unfortunately.