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  1. I feel the same, the guy has been 'living in our heads for 3 years he may as well come live on our city too lol.
  2. Interesting take here.
  3. How much of his problem is his weight/size? And how much improvement could some conditioning bring?
  4. austy

    Sam Gagner | C/W

    I'm not that fond of motte, love his motor but he lacks some skill. I think you win more games with gags. Surprised he was waived. But perhaps there were some issues at practice and in the room that we dont see . Is this an issue for the canucks moving forward as a desirable free agent destination?
  5. Won't quin need to have made a decision at least about college though?
  6. I hope he goes back to college. Not saying he cant do well straight away, but if he gets hurt there will be a 'what if'. Plus with gaudette and pettersen for me anyway there will be enough new player excitement to keep me satiated.
  7. Do you thinks QH is who Benning was referring to?
  8. I have a feeling you are going to be repeating this a lot for the next few mo ths elvis.
  9. Jim Benning on Quin Hughes, "...we felt we were in a good hole, the 7-hole. " That's all I need to know, welcome to Vancouver Quinton.
  10. Position change maybe?
  11. he seems to over balance a lot in board battles. I wonder if needs a bit more time to grow into his frame or something. he seems so smart with his positioning and stick placement though. a bit more speed (first few steps) and some confidence he could be dangerous.
  12. I really really like your "hockey isn't my first language" quote! May I borrow it?