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  1. Why didnt benning tell him very specifically why he was sending down in the frist instance?
  2. I know he took some heat from wd in pre season but i thoughy he looked very decent.
  3. Thanks ossie these are my new favorite threads. Larsen may compliment tram with his quickness. Tram separates guys from the puck on the boards quite a bit and a speedy partner may be nice to swoop in and pick up the dregs.....or it could be a nightmare of missed assignments lol.
  4. For a guy named tree he sure does fell a lot of dudes
  5. I was hoping we would get okposo in the off season. Wonder how he would have looked?
  6. Someone bettter at hockey than me might like to comment....but i think his gap control needs a bit of work. He seems worriednhe will get beat. And id like to see him use both hands on the stick on his board play. Like how he skates though.
  7. I think tram was asking pjzza where he should go when sbisa had the puck down low. Tram was looki g a bit lost on that play and contributed to the sbisa giveaway. But expected in a new pairing.
  8. Hot at two for being too much man
  9. It's not my opinion it's rays....but anyway, I guess we gave up a few 2nd rounders and forsling. But yeah nothing drastic was lost. Maybe the vey trade we could have had McCowen (sp?) . And ray doesn't really like virt so maybe he has him as a wasted draft pick? I don't mind Ferraro to be honest. I think he loves Vancouver and is maybe a bit hard on us? But I appreciate that he at least tries to give some reasoning as to why he has his opinions. Ie his idea for playing bo with Erickson.
  10. I think ray mentioned SJ and boston becase he felt they kept draft picks during that time?
  11. He played forward for utica for a couple of games last year.
  12. Skill wise id imagine they are pretty similar. Just one has the eye of the tiger. The other guy doesnt just yet. Whi knows maybe bunk larsen with hansen and some of that intensity will rub off?