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  1. Position change maybe?
  2. Boeser horvat daniel Jagr henrik Eriksson
  3. Wpuld anyone high up on the org edit this vid? Id imagine in the rough cut there would be some interesting footage that could guve other gms some inside info on the canucks.
  4. Im happy with that. Seems like a good safe pick. Hopefully horvat 2.0
  5. I thinks its unfair to say he has no intensity. He hits, makes a lot of plays. If skille could he would look half decent.
  6. Could you have bo centering the sedins? Have a sutter granlund errikson 2nd shut down?
  7. From Australia but played hockey. In thee 90s you couldnt really watch it here so i was more a fan of the game than any one team. Then around 2007 lived in Vancouver a couple of years and the rest is history. Sucks i can rarely talk hockey let alone canucks hockey with anyone. But i also dont get game day spoilers and and the forum keeps me up to date.
  8. I agree. We need them both in the organization but who wins you a playoff round for eg if both healthy and it was today. I think id go with guds.
  9. Gaunce could have a few assists if his linemates had a bit of finish. He does a lot of smart little things. Another year will see a big improvement i think. Wouldnt mind subbing him out with some of the utica guys to see how they go.
  10. Is it possible we lose him to exp draft though?
  11. he seems to over balance a lot in board battles. I wonder if needs a bit more time to grow into his frame or something. he seems so smart with his positioning and stick placement though. a bit more speed (first few steps) and some confidence he could be dangerous.
  12. Shorthouse wanted one but i dont hink there was.
  13. Ive heard some mixed reports too. He is 20yrs though so very encouraging.
  14. I dont think other teams fans will be grudge us for going after kadru and martin....but i see your point.
  15. Why didnt benning tell him very specifically why he was sending down in the frist instance?