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  1. he was way over his head until the second half. same as last year, once he adjusted he was a presence on the ice every game. 40 points for a 2nd year defensive minded centre is nothing to laugh at. He can be the brendan morrison on a top line, where the winger can create the chances and he's there to cover their a** when they turn it over
  2. Well they failed at the deadline, have a few contracts that "suck", and had injuries to key players throughout the season. The offseason will be welcomed for this team. They can get healthy, snag a top prospect, make some changes (hopefully to the D), and next year we should start with a competitive team which has given a lot of NHL ice time to young players who will be key moving forward. I predict Benning will call next year's team a 100 point team again.
  3. WPG shouldnt be tough either, but Canucks will probably roll over tomorrow. Realistically, EDM and CAL are going to be tight, lackluster events
  4. 2010 daniel would have had a hatty tonight. Just sayin
  5. Pretty much already took over Vrbata's spot on left point. Although I think he should play the right side to get his wicked wrister/one-timers off quicker. He was a stud in that spot in Utica last year.
  6. It is hard not to lose confidence in this brain trust. When Linden came in, he said he wanted to rebuild trust between management and the fans. Does not look like that has happened at all, especially with the type of incompetence that took place yesterday. A lot of season ticket holders are not going to be renewing after this season. Of course, we all care so much because we are die-hard fans, but is this a team we want to spend our hard earned dollars on? Not at the time being. Still salty bro
  7. The state of this team since the new year is abysmal. Is it a playoff team? Doubt it. Is it a contender? Lol The chances of landing a top 5 pick is high. Getting a top 3 is a solid possibility too. I have a proposal: If we are the 4/5/6 pick --1st rounder, Jared McCann, Dmitri Zhukenov for 1st Overall. If we are 2/3 pick --1st rounder and Jared McCann for 1st Overall Rationale: A team like Edmonton or Toronto would be open to expanding their assets and letting go of Auston Matthews for a projected top 6 center posting a decent rookie season + A very high rated prospect in a top heavy draft this year. I think a 2/3 pick would be of higher value because of the high talent levels of Patrick Laine and Jesse Puljujarvi. Some scouts even say Patrick Laine isn't much of a drop compared to Mattews (I disagree). Should the Canucks do it? I don't see why not. Henrik doesn't look like he can handle first line duties for too long, especially if he plays injured like he has been since January. Auston Mattews can be that guy immediately.
  8. Given his play recently, it's only natural to wonder what Sven Baertschi's next contract will look like. He is currently on a one-way, one year deal worth $900,000. It was a "show me" deal and he really has shown a lot. To date, he has 18 points in 43 games, about a 34 point rate over a full 82 games. However, as we all know, his offensive numbers really took off in December before his minor injury. In the past 16 games (starting with a 2 point night against Detroit), Sven has 11 points. That pro-rates to a 56 point pace over a full season. Real impressive stuff. And that's just the raw numbers, which one can argue is most important gauging the offensive abilities of a top-six winger. One thing to note is that 16 of his 18 points have come against Eastern opponents. The fact that Sven excels against smaller, skilled opposition doesn't surprise me, but isn't a good sign for his stretch-run with a West-heavy schedule for the remainder of the season. I would get into fancy stats, but I'll let the big dogs that get paid for this stuff cover that for me. The eye-test for Sven is sparkling as well. Whether on TV or live in person, Sven always seems to be in position defensively, ready to pounce on a loose puck. I have also noted that he is very quick to transition to offense, with or without the puck. Slick hands, good vision, accurate shot (very underrated one timer) and of course, his chemistry with Bo is a joy to behold. Quick Comparables: Mikael Grandlund- 2Yr/$6M after a 8G, 39P season Nail Yakupov- 2Yr/$5M after 14G, 33P season. It will be interesting to see what he ends up with. I believe his contract is going to set a gauge for the young player's bridge contracts over the next few years, as Sven is going to be the first young gun to produce and show a lot of potential in his contract year. It really is an important negotiation to keep an ey on for this offseason and will shed a lot of light on this front office's cap management of young players. My guess: 2 Years, $4.5M
  9. hey, you think the leafs will ever get passed round 2?

  10. LOL if ur going to their hotel pick me up too ;)

  11. hahahah hilarious topic bro

  12. your a douche thats not funny you account should get banned, who does something like that, ass

  13. dude listen to the punjabi commentators, theyre hilarious :D

  14. is ur "source" Eklund :P ive read it on hockeybuzz so dont deny bro

  15. Canucks got this one :)