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  1. DonLever

    BC Lions

    GM Hervey should have been fired too since he was the guy who hired coach Claybrooks and the guy who overpaid QB Reilly. By overpaying Reilly, it affected all the salaries down the line meaning they could not afford some of the veterans and had to let them go. The GM is really saving his own skin. If the Lions had a new owner they would have gotten rid of Hervey as well.
  2. OTTAWA — Elizabeth May has stepped down as the leader of the federal Green party. May told a news conference Monday on Parliament Hill that after 13 years in the job, she's stepping down as leader effective immediately. She appointed deputy leader Jo-Ann Roberts as her interim successor. Shortly after the federal vote on Oct. 21, May hinted that she did not expect to be the Green party's leader in the next campaign. However, she did not say when she would step down. May, 65, said she promised her daughter three years ago that the 2019 election would be her last as the party leader — though not necessarily her last as an MP. She also said it's about timing — she's predicting the newly elected minority Parliament will last about two years, which means the Greens need to have a new leader in place with plenty of time to prepare for the next campaign. A leadership convention is to be held in Prince Edward Island in October 2020. "You have to look at what's in the best interest of the party," May said during a gathering that was ostensibly to introduce her new caucus in Ottawa. Including May, three Green MPs were elected last month, the most in its history but far shy of the 12 needed to gain official party status. Paul Manly was re-elected in Nanaimo-Ladysmith on Vancouver Island after winning a byelection there last spring. Jenica Atwin became the first Green MP elected outside British Columbia, upsetting the Liberal incumbent in Fredericton. The Green party went into the recent federal election running neck-and-neck with the NDP in most polls, fuelled by momentum achieved by electoral success in provincial campaigns in B.C., Ontario, New Brunswick and P.E.I. But a strong performance by NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh in the latter half of the campaign helped resurrect his party, which lost 15 seats but came out better than many had expected with 24 MPs. Roberts is a former CBC journalist and radio host who May appointed as her second-in-command in 2018. She ran unsuccessfully for the Greens in Victoria in 2015 and in Halifax this fall. She said she is taking on the role reluctantly given May's legacy as leader, but noted she will be focused on running the leadership race. "This is not a replacement for Elizabeth May," said Roberts. "I don't think anybody would be up for that job." The fact that neither of the other two Green MPs were tapped for the interim job ensures they are eligible to seek the permanent job at next year's leadership convention. Atwin, however, said she has no such plans, given her young family and the challenges of being a rookie MP. Roberts confirmed that as the interim leader, she will not be allowed to seek the job on a permanent basis. May has led the Greens since 2006, becoming the first Green MP elected to the House of Commons in 2011. Having hinted recently that she might be interested in running to be Speaker of the House of Commons, May largely ruled out doing so in the short term, because Manly and Atwin asked her to remain in the caucus.
  3. Another racist rant. This one in Richmond.“hates-chinese-people/ar-AAJPRMa?ocid=spartandhp
  4. In my previous post I mentioned the woman clerk was Filipino because I have been in that store before and am familiar with some of the staff. Some of the staff do speak Tagalog which is certainly not Chinese. But the idiot racist probably think all Asian people are Chinese so she blurted out stop speaking "Chinese" even the staff was not Chinese. Its just show how ignorant that woman was.
  5. You and I know Chinese and Tagalog don't sound alike but does the woman? I looked at many stories on the net and no where is it is confirmed that Chinese was spoken. All we have is the woman's claim they spoke Chinese. Some stories just say a foreign language was used.
  6. You know what's funny?!! I don't think the clerks were even talking Chinese! I've been to that Shoppers Drug Mart (across from Metrotown) many times and am familiar with some of the staff. The woman clerk seen In the video is actually Filipino. I bet the clerks were speaking in Tagalog, the language Filipinos use. Not only is the woman who is giving the tirade a racist but is an ignoramus because she can't tell the difference between Tagalog and a Chinese language!
  7. First time the UK has gone to the polls in December since 1923. Prime Minister Boris Johnson hopes that electing a new crop of lawmakers will provide a solution to the deadlock that has stalled the U.K.'s departure from the European Union. The House of Commons voted 428-20 — with dozens of lawmakers abstaining — for a bill authorizing an election on Dec. 12. It will become law once it is approved Wednesday by the unelected House of Lords, which does not have the power to overrule the elected Commons. Johnson is pushing for an election in hopes of breaking the parliamentary stalemate that blocked his plan to take the U.K. out of the European Union this month. This week the EU granted a three-month Brexit extension until Jan. 31. The looming vote comes two and a half years before the next scheduled election, due in 2022, and will be the country's first December election since 1923. Johnson pushed for the early election vote in hope of breaking the parliamentary stalemate which has blocked his plan to take the U.K. out of the European Union this month. The EU has granted a three-month Brexit extension until Jan. 31. He told lawmakers in Parliament earlier Tuesday that there was no choice but "to go to the country to break free from this impasse."
  8. DonLever

    NFL thread

    In regards to SNF, GB vs KC, could not figure out why KC did not go for it on 4th down near midfield with 5 minutes left.. You know with Rodgers in charge he will run the clock down, which he did. KC never lay hands on ball for remainder of game. Sometimes you can't be conservative with play calling.
  9. You realize those events have been occurring decades before the terms "global warming" and "climate change" have even been coined. The conflict between India and Pakistan has been going on for hundreds of years, even before the modern states of India and Pakistan was formed in 1947. Due to ethic and religious differences Hindus and Muslims have killed each other long before climate change was known. When India was partitioned, millions of people have died in their hatred of each other. Nothing to do with climate change back then. As for the migration to the US, that has been going on for decades, long before climate change. The Central American countries have always been poor 3rd world country and people have moved elsewhere to find a better life. Again. long before climate change. Much of the reason for the poor economy of 3rd world countries can be blamed on the colonial powers who exploited the indigenous people and left them with bad economies. Again nothing to do with climate change. It is very simplistic to blame climate change for problems in the world when there are other factors at work.
  10. Really? What has she said that has not been said by others? Not a single original thought has come out her mouth. While I don't doubt her sincerity, she has been use as a tool by the environmental movement. Yes, she sailed across the Atlantic in a non fossil fuel yacht but she did not do it alone. She was just a passenger in a boat manned by a crew. I wonder how she will go back to Europe if not by a plane or ship powered by fossil fuels. Yes, the scientists are right, climate change is occurring. But nothing is going to stop that change unless people are willing to give up things they have taken for granted. It is not fossil fuels the problem but people themselves who wanted a better life that has become possible mainly through industrialization and the burning of fossil fuels.
  11. Exactly, Ontario and Quebec has 200 of the 338 seats. That is 60% of the seats in Canada. Elections are won and lost there, Does not matter how the West or BC votes.
  12. Its not that crazy when you look at the US. Each state gets only 2 senators no matter what population in the state. So California at 40 Million people get the same number of senators as Wyoming with 500,000 people.
  13. Yes, it happened again last night. The polls were just closed in BC a few minutes and they declared Trudeau the winner already. Its like BC don't even count since the election was decided back East.
  14. Lets face it, it is nothing to do with policies, or the lack of policies, The Conservatives had a terrible leader in Scheer who was dull and uninspiring. Almost any other Tory leader would have done better. Gaining only twenty extra seats when Justin Trudeau had so many scandals is terrible. If Scheer stays on, might as well give Trudeau a 3rd term. Who replaces Scheer I don't know, but if they don't get the right leader, the Tories will remain in opposition for years to come.