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  1. So where is Justin Trudeau on this file? Remember before he was elected Trudeau said he "admired" China. Yet Trudeau goes after a country like Saudi Arabia that has little trade with Canada. Maybe money talks? After all China is 3rd largest Canada's trading partner. You wouldn't want to "offend" one of your country's biggest trading partner.
  2. John A. McDonald's statute was removed today. From Global: John Dann, the sculptor who created the statue in 1981, says he was surprised that the decision was made to remove it so quickly. “It’s a trend, isn’t it, that sculptures are now offensive? It never occurred to me that this would happen to John A. Macdonald, who is Canada’s first prime minister. It’s quite a target,” he said. “If we’re going to find that sculpture offensive, then we have to find every statue of every prime minister offensive because the residential schools lasted for over 100 years.”
  3. Pretty well sums up the NDP leader. The NDP really messed up their choice of leader. Singh really won the leadership with support from the South Asian community in Toronto and Vancouver. The NDP will be hard pressed to win votes outside large urban areas. His ethnicity is really the elephant in the room. The mainstream media is really tip toeing around the issue of racism when it comes to Mr. Singh. Not only in Quebec, there will be a lot people not willing to vote him because of his race. Now we come to South Burnaby. Very risky for Mr. Singh since the previous 3 election the winning NDP candidate won by 4%, 5%, and 1.5%. Interestingly, in 2 of the 3 elections, the Conservative candidate finished a close second. With Liberals on the hot seat due to the KM pipeline dispute, we can expect them to drop down again. So expect the Conservatives back in 2nd place. Due to low turnout in by-elections, anything can happen. Even the Conservatives can win. Demographically, Burnaby South is 2/3 visible minority, with 10% Sikh ethnicity. Political pundits say this fact is an advantage for Mr. Singh but I disagree with that. Just because you are of colour does not mean you will automatically vote for another person of colour. Various ethnic groups have prejudices have against other ethnic groups the same way some white people have against other groups. Looking at the bigger picture, the main advantage will go to the Federal Liberals if there is a weak NDP leader since the progressive vote will go to them instead of the NDP. Conversely, the Tories will benefit with a strong NDP leader since it will split the left wing vote between the Liberals and NDP. We saw that with Harper when he benefitted with a strong NDP leader in Jack Layton. Given Mr. Singh has not performed that well, the Liberals are happy with him as leader. The Liberals will get the soft NDP voters that would not vote for Mr. Singh. In the end, it will be a race between Mr. Selfie and Mr. Invisible in the 2019 Election.
  4. Doug Ford wants to cut in half the number of Toronto Councillors. Huge uproar over that.
  5. Jagmeet Singh wants a seat in the House of Commons. The federal NDP leader announced on Wednesday that he plans to run for the party in an upcoming byelection in Burnaby South, B.C. “I’m running because Trudeau betrayed people on electoral reform. I am run ning because we can’t wait two years to find a solution to affordable housing. We need prescription medication covered now,” Singh said. “We don’t need a public government to invest billions of dollars in a leaky pipeline.” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not announced yet when the byelection may take place. The seat was left vacant when NDP MP Kennedy Stewart resigned to seek the mayor’s job in Vancouver. Trudeau has no obligation to announce the byelection before next fall’s federal election. Singh has never lived in British Columbia and previously served as a member of Ontario’s provincial assembly in a riding that covered parts of Brampton and Mississauga. His plan is to move to Burnaby, where he will run in the riding in the 2019 federal election as well as in the byelection. “I am all-in on Burnaby and we are going to run here,” said Singh. The 39-year-old was chosen as the party’s leader on Oct. 1, 2017 and has been without a seat in Ottawa. Kennedy Stewart defeated Liberal candidate Adam Pankratz by 547 votes in the 2015 federal election. Singh says it is crucial for him to be in Ottawa to question the prime minister as often as possible. “It is very important that we are in a position to push the federal government. I want to push the government to really tackle things like implementing a pharma care system and dealing with the affordable housing crisis,” said Singh. “There are a lot of things that need to be done and I want to be there.” During his announcement, Singh listed a number of issues that are of concern to both people in Burnaby South and across the country. Those issues include the purchase of the Kinder Morgan pipeline by the federal government, a universal pharma care plan and affordable housing. “Something as basic as having a place to call home is unachievable for many Canadians,” said Singh. “It is simply unacceptable.”
  6. So what is the difference between this administration and previous others? Absolutely nothing. Every administration since WWII have been kowtowing to the Saudis because of the US reliance on Middle East oil. In 1973, because of the Israeli Palestine War, there was an oil embargo to the US and havoc was created to the economy of the US.
  7. Yes, the project would be cancelled if it becomes economically non viable IF it was still in private hands. But now the government owns it, you now how the government is with taxpayers money, it is a bottomless pit. Money is no object if it is in government hands.
  8. A private non-unionized company will likely just fire the person and won't purse criminal charges unless it is a huge amount stolen. In this way, it may be better for the employee so he/she won't get a criminal record. BTW, I doubt it is the jobs the workers want back but the severance. On another news site, it mention some workers work there for decades. One guy for 27 years. So it will be a huge severance package due them. So what the union is really doing is making the case go to arbitration so the workers can get severance.
  9. From Global: Seven Port Coquitlam city workers who were fired for allegedly stealing and selling copper pipes are fighting to get their jobs back. CUPE Local 498, the union that represents the workers, said grievances were filed against the city the same day the employees were fired. “We filed grievances based on the union’s decision that the terminations were unjustified,” said CUPE 498 second vice president Ron Narayan. “Based on the statements from the employees and the evidence that the city had at that point, that’s when the decision was made that the decision to terminate was unjust.” The City of Port Coquitlam alleges that the seven employees, all in the public works department, stole the copper over the course of a decade in a “highly-coordinated” operation. The actual value of the material is unknown, but the city claims the workers sold it illegally for more than $75,000. The individual participants allegedly pocketed between $100 and $10,000 for their part in the scheme, the city claims. It also claims the workers were fired for cause, meaning they will not receive severance. Coquitlam RCMP says it has taken over the investigation. None of the claims have been proven in court.
  10. Charges Laid In Tragic Humboldt Crash

    We know what happened. There was a collision in an intersection between a bus and semi-trailer. The only question is why.
  11. CFL Thread

    So Hamilton got rid of a guy they never gave a chance to in favour of a QB (Masoli) who has lost 3 of 5 games? Could be a big mistake on behalf of Hamilton.
  12. BC Lions

    Despite losing to Ottawa, Lulay played very well. Now 2 games in road the BC offense is performing much better under Lulay. It is more evidence that Jennings is not right QB for the Lions. Should Lulay get injured again, the Lions will be finished this year. It was a missed opportunity for the lions not to obtain Manziel. It also show how incompetent the entire Lions organization, from ownership downward in not thinking forward. Just having Manziel in the stadium would have brought a few more thousand more people in the seats of BC Place. Instead attendance in BC Place will stagnate around 20,000 people. Montreal certainly was not afraid to obtain Manziel.
  13. No suckers to buy the KM from the government: Ottawa fails to find private-sector buyer for Trans Mountain pipeline expansion OTTAWA – The federal government is set to become the official owner of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion after failing to quickly flip the project to another private-sector buyer. Pipeline owner Kinder Morgan had been working with the government to identify another buyer before July 22. But with that date set to pass without a deal, it was expected the pipeline company will now take Ottawa’s $4.5-billion offer to purchase the project to its shareholders. Pending their approval, the sale, which includes the existing pipeline, the pumping stations and rights of way, and the Westridge marine terminal in Burnaby, B.C., will be approved sometime in August or September. The $4.5-billion purchase price does not cover the construction costs of building the new pipeline, which previous estimates have pegged at around $7.4 billion. Finding another buyer for the project before Sunday’s deadline was widely considered a long shot because of the project’s risks. But the government insists it does not plan to own and operate the pipeline over the long term and is expected to continue talking to interested parties. The government had previously indicated that there were numerous groups interested in purchasing the controversial project, including pension funds and Indigenous groups.
  14. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    If not for the questionable hand ball call, the game could have been much closer. Congratulations to France for winning the World Cup.
  15. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    Croatia was the better team, especially in the 2nd half, England had the edge in the 1st half but did not convert on their chances. The stats told the story of the game. Shots: Croatia 22, England 11, Shots on Goal: Croatia 7, England 2. Time of Possession: Croatia 56%, England 44%. England did not play with passion in the 2nd half. They sort of held back and it certainly cost them.