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  1. The big controversary tonight was the Ted Cruz speech at the convention. Everyone thought he would endorse Trump but when he did not do so people at the convention began to boo him. Things got so heated abuse was heaped onto Cruz and his wife. CNN reported that Cruz was even denied entry to a hospitality suite. CNN has been talking about this for the last hour saying it was disrespectful of Cruz to show up and speak at the convention and then not endorsing Trump. No wonder fellow Republicans hate the guts of Ted Cruz.
  2. Remember the doom and gloom the day following the vote? The stock market crashed and the pound collapse. Well, one month later , it was like nothing happened as all the stock markets have rebounded and the pound stabilized. The Dow, S&P, the Nasdaq all recorded losses but has now rebounded and exceeded the day before the vote. The UK economy is doing well now as before the vote. Who knows what will happen in the future. Probably nothing.
  3. Actually I am watching CNN right now, and no where are they are suggesting the US want the coup to succeed. If anything nothing is clear. Are the live pictures showing the people supporting the coup or opposing it? Who knows.
  4. Could you change the title to 75 dead instead of "Tens of Dead". Thanks.
  5. The Stats are straight from the Center Disease Control, which is a federal government agency similar to Stats Canada. The data is extremely accurate because all serious crimes like murder are reportable offences. Again, this is government data not and not research done by NGOs which may have a certain political bent.
  6. But the Stats are from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) which is run by the federal government. Those stats are indisputable.
  7. Because Vancouver's Mayor Robertson asked for the tax. Liberals politicking? Well they are politicians. That's what they do. Robertson is politicking as well. So is the NDP. NDP's Ebby is doing so every time he opens his mouth. Now Ebby is opposing the tax. The NDP oppose everything the Liberals do because, well, they are the "opposition".
  8. An Update: From CKNW: Finance Minister Mike de Jong has announced the legislature will reconvene July 25th to tackle BC’s housing affordability crisis, including supporting the City of Vancouver’s proposed vacant homes tax. Vancouver will be given the power to implement and administer the vacancy tax. Lack of supply the main focus Minister de Jong says ultimately housing affordability is about supply. Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson has been clear about the purpose of an empty homes tax; to increase rental supply in the city. The current vacancy rate in Vancouver is less than one per cent. Mayor pleased Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, who has been pushing for the measure, says he’s pleased, adding that homes should be lived in, not used to make a profit. “We’ve said twelve months of the year, that’s full time no one’s living there. It’s not s residence so it shouldn’t be taxed as a residence, it’s a business holding because businessed generate income. So if that’s what homes are doing for people rather than being places where peopel live, then they need to pay a higher tax.” Robertson says the question now is whether the tax is effectively administered, in order to boost the supply of rental housing. He says the vacancy tax will not be used to target part time residents. Too little, too late for NDP Housing critic For his part, NDP housing critic David Eby says the government’s rush to do something right now it too little, too late. “What’s urgent is their poll numbers and they look at Metro Vancouver, that’s the only thing that is forcing them to take action, and the action they are allegedly taking is the least they could do.” Her says he is disappointed today’s announcement mentions nothing about foreign investment. Foreign buyers account for 5% of buyers in Vancouver Last week, Minister de Jong released new numbers on foreign ownership collected by the province through property tax transfer forms. The information collected was for a twenty day period in June of this year.
  9. The sooner Britain gets a new PM the better for them. If Britain is leaving the EU, just do it and get it over with.
  10. France choked simple as that in this game. In the World Cup, Olympics, and other tournaments, team get through group play with no wins all the time because ties count for points.
  11. Its the other way around, the cops are the ones who are ones yelled at and sweared at most of the time.
  12. The problem is with not with cops abusing power but with people resisting arrest. In every case of cops shooting people, they do so when some sort of altercation occur between them and the person killed. In short, if you follow order of the cops you will not be shot.
  13. The minimum sentence for murder in South Africa is 15 years but judges are allowed to take in mitigating circumstances for a lessor sentence. And that is what Judge Thokozile Masipa did. She bought into Oscar's sob story and believed he suffered enough. You would think that Oscar was the victim here and not the murdered woman. Most observers of the sentence believe the judge was very sympathetic to Pistorius. I would call that an understatement. The judge who passed the 6 year sentence was the same judge who found him guilty of manslaughter instead of murder a couple of years ago. Not surprisingly she again gave a lenient sentence to Oscar. Oscar will likely serve his sentence in the hospital wing of the prison like he did last time. He would not be thrown in with the rest of the prisoners who are pretty tough and violent. With good behaviour and with time already served, Oscar could be out in as little as two years. Its possible we could see him in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
  14. from Reuters: South African Paralympic gold medalist Oscar Pistorius was sent back to jail for six years on Wednesday for murdering Reeva Steenkamp, less than half the 15 year minimum term sought by prosecutors. Pistorius, who fatally shot his girlfriend four times through a toilet door, has already served 12 months in prison for her death. But the original manslaughter conviction was increased to murder by the Supreme Court of Appeal in December. Judge Thokozile Masipa, whose sentence at the initial manslaughter trial was criticized by women's groups as too lenient, said she had accepted the defense argument that a lesser punishment was appropriate. "Public opinion may be loud and persistent but it can play no role in the decision of this court," Masipa said. "I am of the view that a long term in prison will not serve justice." Pistorius, who stood impassively as the sentence was read out, hugged members of his legal team and chatted briefly with his sister Aimee before being led away by police. Women's rights groups say Pistorius has received preferential treatment by the justice system compared to non-whites and those without his wealth or international celebrity status. His backers say he did not intend to kill Steenkamp. The state and large sections of the South African public had demanded a 15 year jail term, the prescribed minimum term for murder, saying he had shown no remorse for the 2013 killing. It was unclear whether the state, which has two weeks to appeal, would accept Wednesday's sentence. Pistorius' defense team said he would not appeal and that their client would be able to apply for parole after serving half to two-thirds of the sentence. The track star, who had the lower part of his legs amputated when he was a baby, was freed from prison last October after almost a year behind bars. He was to serve the remainder of his five-year term under house arrest at his uncle's house in a wealthy suburb of the capital. Pistorius has been living with his uncle since. The judge agreed with defense that the Pistorius who shot Steenkamp in the early hours of St Valentine's Day was not the gold medal winning athlete but a vulnerable 1.5m tall man. She said that there was no indication at all that the deceased was in an abusive relationship with Pistorius. She also said there was no evidence there had been a row between Pistorius and Steenkamp before her death, as suggested by the prosecution. Pistorius says he fired four shots into the toilet door at his luxury Pretoria home in the mistaken belief that an intruder was hiding behind it. His defense argued that his disability and mental stress that occurred in the aftermath of the killing should be considered as mitigating circumstances to reduce his sentence