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  1. From Global News: Surrey Conservative MP Dianne Watts is set to step down from her federal seat and run for the leadership of the BC Liberal Party. Watts, the former three-term mayor of Surrey, has long been speculated as a candidate to lead the BC Liberals, who became the opposition after the BC NDP formed a minority government with the support of the Greens. She’s expected to announce her run for the leadership on Sunday. From Georgia Straight: Another Metro Vancouver politician, Andrew Wilkinson, is also expected to declare his intention to seek the B.C. Liberals leadership position this weekend. Wilkinson is the Liberal MLA for Vancouver-Quilchena. He was first elected to the B.C. legislature in 2013 and previously served as the minister of advanced education, minister of technology, innovation, and citizens’ services, and, before that, minister of economic development.
  2. Just in. The Park Board voted 5-2 NOT to ban balloons in parks. I wonder who the 2 were.
  3. From Rolling Stone Magazine: Harry Dean Stanton, the legendary character actor and offbeat leading man who starred in Repo Man, Paris, Texas, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and Big Love in a career that spanned over seven decades, has died at the age of 91. Stanton died of natural causes in Los Angeles, Variety reports, with TMZ adding that the actor died peacefully Friday afternoon at the city's Cedars-Sinai Hospital. Director David Lynch, who cast Stanton in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, Wild at Heart, The Straight Story and the recent Twin Peaks: The Return, said of the actor in a statement, "The great Harry Dean Stanton has left us. There went a great one. There's nobody like Harry Dean. Everyone loved him. And with good reason. He was a great actor (actually beyond great) – and a great human being – so great to be around him!!! You are really going to be missed Harry Dean!!! Loads of love to where you are now!!!" "Harry Dean Stanton was a wonderful man, kind and full of humor. He was also a great actor. Goodbye, Harry Dean. Rest in peace," wrote director John Carpenter, whose Christine and Escape From New York featured Stanton in supporting roles. A native of Kentucky and a veteran of the Battle of Okinawa, Stanton spent the early part of his career churning out bit parts in TV Westerns and small but vital roles in films like Cool Hand Luke, In the Heat of the Night and Kelly's Heroes. The actor, a favorite of filmmakers like Monte Hellman, David Lynch, John Carpenter and writer Sam Shepard, saw his career bloom in the Seventies thanks to meatier roles in films like Hellman's Cockfighter and Two-Lane Blacktop, Cisco Pike, Dillinger, Sam Peckinpah's Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (where Stanton befriended Bob Dylan), The Godfather Part II and Alien. Stanton credited his part as gangster Blind Dick Riley in 1962's Ride in the Whirlwind - directed by Hellman and written by Jack Nicholson - as his breakout role. "[Nicholson said] 'Harry, I've written this part... I want you to play a gangster, he wears a derby and an eyepatch," Stanton recounted. "He said 'I don't want you to do anything. Just play yourself totally.' I thought, 'That's a load off my mind.' And I've been working ever since." "I've worked with some of the best of them," Stanton told The Guardian in 2013. "Not just directors like Sam Peckinpah and David Lynch, but writers like Sam Shepard and singers like Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson. I could have made it as a singer, but I went with acting, surrendered to it, in a way." Stanton often portrayed memorable characters that walked the fringes of society, like a blind preacher on skid row in Wise Blood, "Brain" in Escape From New York, the mysterious Old Man in Fool for Love and, most memorably, Bud in Repo Man, where Stanton plays a grizzled, speed-snorting repo man who takes Emilio Estevez's character under his wing. "A repo man’s life is always intense," Stanton's character says of his "Repo Code." "A repo man spends his life getting into tense situations." "Harry Dean Stanton had the best line in Christine: 'I'm selling' this $&!#hole and buyin' a condo.' Rest in peace, HD. You were great," Stephen King tweeted. (The author later realized, "George Lebay said that, played by Roberts Blossom. Well, I &^@#ed up. But Harry Dean SHOULD have said it.") The actor became such a magnet for acclaimed films that film critic Roger Ebert once authored the "Stanton-Walsh Rule" which stated, "No movie featuring either Harry Dean Stanton or M. Emmet Walsh in a supporting role can be altogether bad. An exception was Chattahoochee, starring Walsh. Stanton's record is still intact." Stanton's most acclaimed role came in 1984 with Wim Wenders' Paris, Texas, where the actor played an amnesiac slowly piecing his life together following a traumatic experience. "The whole thing was an organic kind of thing," Stanton said of the Paris, Texas role. "Sam [Shepard, Paris, Texas' screenwriter] and I got drunk, we were drinking tequila listening to a Mexican singer in Santa Fe, and we were talking and [I said] 'I would like to do something with some beauty to it. I'm talking like that. I needed something to do that was worthwhile… A couple of weeks later, Sam called me and said 'I want you to play the lead.'" The film won the Palme d'or at Cannes Film Festival and further jettisoned Stanton's career, with the actor cast in more commercial films like Red Dawn, Pretty in Pink and Dream a Little Dream. Even late in his career, Stanton continued to make lasting impressions with cameos in films like Avengers and Seven Psychopaths as well as Bob Dylan's "Dreamin' of You" video; Stanton previously starred in Dylan's still-unavailable 1978 film Renaldo & Clara. In the 2000s, the actor had a reoccurring role as the bigamist patriarch Roman Grant in the HBO series Big Love. Stanton was also known for his close circle of similarly Hollywood maverick friends, a group that included Jack Nicholson – Stanton was his roommate and the best man at Nicholson's marriage to Sandra Knight in 1962 – as well as Marlon Brando, Sean Penn, Johnny Depp and Kris Kristofferson. Stanton, who had a cameo in the film version of Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, also performed "Danny Boy" at Hunter S. Thompson's funeral. "This is the finest gentleman that has ever survived," Johnny Depp also said of Stanton. In addition to his movie career, Stanton also had a lifelong love of music, frequently playing in Los Angeles with his Harry Stanton Band. His debut album, Partly Fiction, was released in 2014, soon after the documentary Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction. Lucky, Stanton's final starring role and a swan song of sorts to the actor – who plays a semi-fictionalized version of himself in the film - opens in theaters September 29th following its SXSW premiere. The film also stars David Lynch, who paid tribute to Stanton in October 2016. In Partly Fiction, Lynch asked his friend Stanton how he hoped his legacy would be remembered. "It doesn't matter," Stanton said.
  4. From CKNW/Global: Vancouver’s Park Board is voting Monday night on whether to ban balloons from the city’s green spaces. The commissioner spearheading the change points to the number of birds and other animals that are killed every year by discarded balloons, along with other environmental concerns. Stuart Mackinnon told CKNW “they end up in landfills or at the centre of our streets. Right now in the corner of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans are huge patches of decomposing plastic that takes hundreds sometimes thousands of years to decompose, causing a huge problem for us environmentally.” But critics, including several children’s entertainers, say community events would be impacted and businesses will lose money if the restriction is put in place. They say proper education is the right path forward. A protest, featuring Dilly the Clown, will be held in John Hendry Park at 11 a.m.
  5. What are you talking about? The BC Liberals ARE a socially liberal party. They are not social conservatives like the Federal Conservatives. Last time I looked the BC Liberals are in favour of gay rights, gay marriage, abortion, drug injection sites, legalization of marijuana, etc. I see Christy Clark and other BC Liberal MLAs marching in Pride Paradesin contrast to the Federal Conservative Leaders who would not set foot in such a parade.
  6. Besides being on the Six Million Man and the Bionic Woman, Richard Anderson was a very prolific character actor. He appeared in hundreds of roles from the 1950's and onwards. I see him on many TV shows and film from that era. R.I.P. From CBC: Richard Anderson, the tall, handsome actor best known for costarring simultaneously in the popular 1970s television shows The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman, has died at age 91. Anderson died of natural causes on Thursday, family spokesman Jonathan Taylor told The Associated Press. The Six Million Dollar Man brought a new wave of supernatural heroes to television. Based on the novel Cyborg by Martin Caidin, it starred Lee Majors as U.S. astronaut Steve Austin, who is severely injured in a crash. The government saves his life by rebuilding his body with atom-powered artificial limbs and other parts, giving him superhuman strength, speed and other powers. Anderson played Oscar Goldman, Majors' boss at the secret government spy agency the astronaut went to work for after becoming a cyborg. "Richard became a dear and loyal friend, and I have never met a man like him," Majors said in a statement Thursday, adding the two first met when they filmed several episodes of another hit television show, the 1960s western The Big Valley. "I called him 'Old Money.' His always stylish attire, his class, calmness and knowledge never faltered in his 91 years," Majors said, adding Anderson was "still the sweet charming man" when they spoke just a few weeks ago The Six Million Dollar Man began as a TV movie in 1973 and when it proved a hit it was turned into a weekly series the following year. Its popularity led to the 1976 spinoff show, The Bionic Woman, starring Lindsay Wagner. Anderson took on the Oscar Goldman role in that show, too, sometimes appearing from week to week in both series. "I can't begin to say how much I have always admired and have been grateful for the elegance and loving friendship I was blessed to have with Richard Anderson," Wagner said in a statement. Anderson, who stood 6-feet-4, began his career in 1949 with a small role as a wounded soldier in 12 O'Clock High. Soon after, his comedy scenes in a TV series called Lights, Camera, Action! drew the attention of MGM, which offered him a screen test and a contract. He had decided to try acting after watching Gary Cooper movies, and at the screen test he performed a scene from Cooper's The Cowboy and the Lady. At MGM he played secondary roles in such movies as The Magnificent Yankee, Across the Wide Missouri, Scaramouche, The Story of Three Loves, The Student Prince, Hit the Deck and Forbidden Planet. "When people ask me where I received my education, I tell them it was at MGM U," the Internet Movie Database quoted him as saying. "The biggest lessons that I learned is that acting is a talent. You can't teach it. And even if you have the talent, you have to get the part." When MGM began thinning out its contract list in the late 1950s, Anderson was let go. He went on to make movies for other studios, appearing in such films as Stanley Kubrick's Paths of Glory, The Long Hot Summer, Compulsion, The Wackiest Ship in the Navy, The Gathering of Eagles, Johnny Cool, Seven Days in May and Kitten With a Whip. Anderson was also a frequent guest on TV series and had regular roles on Bus Stop, Perry Mason, Dan August and The Fugitive. Other television credits included Slattery's People, Dr. Kildare, The Virginian, The Rifleman, Bonanza, Mannix and The Mod Squad. He also acted as producer when The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman were revived in later years as TV movies.
  7. A lot of assumptions and generalizations here. How do you know they don't want to come truly Canadian? Have you spoken to them? Or are you just observing their behaviour, clothing, or languages they speak. There is some to truth to recent immigrants clinging to old values that they supposed to have left behind but all immigrants have done that in the past. How about the British and the French when they came to Canada hundreds of years ago. Did they adopt the culture of the aboriginals? No they did not, they brought their own European culture to North America. Now move forward to the 1800's when immigrants came from European Countries besides England and France. Immigrants from Ireland, Russian, Ukraine , Italy, and other European countries began to arrive on mass. These groups all stuck together, they had their own languages, eat food they were familiar with and they lived in same enclaves, and they share same cultural identities. Ever heard of Little Italy? On to more recent immigrants. Immigration rules were relaxed by the late 1960's. Before then, Asian immigration was severely restricted by legislation like Chinese Exclusion Act of 1923. After WWII, the restrictions were gradually being lifted. The new immigrants did the same thing as their predecessors did, clinging to old values and a way of life they left behind. So what is the difference between the first group of immigrants and the later group of immigrants? Nothing besides the colour of their skin. They are not white, which seem to bother some people. A collection of ethnic states is pure nonsense. Sure, some communities have higher populations of one group or another. Like the Chinese in Richmond and South Asians in Surrey. But they are spread out all over Metro Vancouver. You can find Asian people everywhere; they are in Burnaby, North Van, West Van, Coquitlam, Langley, Pitt Meadows, etc. They are no longer confined to Chinatown like the old days a hundred years ago. Ethnic States that don't interact with each other? More nonsense. Unless you live in cave, you know all ethnicities interact with each other through public institutions like schools and hospitals and work places. All ethnic groups enjoy the same public celebration like the Fireworks and Canada. They attend sporting events. They have friends and coworkers of different races. Everyone get along with each other. They work together to better themselves and their families and society in general.
  8. Assimilation is occurring much slower in Canada because we have a official policy of Multiculturalism. Practically all ethnic groups have their own TV shows and own newspapers. If you oppose Multiculturalism I suppose you can speak to your MP but nothing will change because all Canadian parties support Multiculturalism. So, in Canada we have Multiculturism vs the Melting Pot in the USA. But why do you want people to assimilate? Does not bother me if someone want to stick with their own culture. Newcomers often have trouble adjusting to Canadian society but later generations do "assimilate" as you say.
  9. So Mr Biden thinks ILLEGAL immigration is ok? How about the rule of law when it comes to Sanctuary Cities that the Democrats so much favour? Cities that don't allow the arrest of illegal immigrants and let illegal immigrants to obtain driver licences and use social services. The left wing don't seem to distinguish between ILLEGAL and LEGAL immigration. They seem to lump them all together when people can be in favour of legal immigration yet be against illegal immigration.
  10. The fact that the fight went 10 rounds tell us more about Mayweather than McGregor. The knock against Mayweather is that he is not a powerful boxer as other boxers. That was definitely the case last night. as he took 10 rounds to beat McGregor. A more powerful boxer would have taken care of McGregor much sooner. So what is the Legacy of Mayweather? The best boxer of his weight class in history? Retiring undefeated is a great achievement but he will be known more for his defensive skills than his offensive skills.
  11. Actually it was a brilliant move by the NDP to remove the tolls. By election pandering, the NDP swept the Surrey ridings, winning all but one, thus helping them to form government with the Greens. The Liberals had a huge surplus to play with but they did very little to bribe the voters. Very poor election strategy by the liberals but the NDP did very well with their platform.
  12. How about the $10 bill? Should we remove him from it too?
  13. The only problem is the insurance. The taxi industry say sure, bring in Uber, but you need to buy $30,000 insurance like they have to. What if the NDP government follow that advice and introduce a high rate of insurance? That will effectively kill Uber. How do other governments handle insurance? Remember BC is one of the few jurisdiction with government monopoly on basic auto insurance.
  14. Only 7 more years to the next solar eclipse in 2024 but only visible in Eastern Canada. Or another 27 years for one in Western Canada in 2044 Or 28 years for the next coast to coast solar eclipse in 2045. Alas, I doubt I will be still here in 2044 or 2045.
  15. The GOP can't pass a Medical Plan after 2 attempts with control of both houses, so how can they change the constitution. In the US, sometimes members of own parties vote against themselves like John McCain did against his own party. Unlike here in Canada where MPs vote like sheep to support their party.