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  1. On Global TV at 11:00 pm Keith Baldrey said Andrew Weaver did the best of the three candidates. Baldrey said Weaver managed to keep Horgan off balanced. That is in sync with most of us on this thread. Also some guy named Allen Bonner rated the leaders this way: Clark - A- Weaver - B+ Horgan - B-
  2. In the end does it really matter who won the debate? Will people be swayed by the debate? Doubt it.
  3. sure , but almost everyone EXCEPT you on this thread believe Weaver won. You are the only one who say Horgan won.
  4. Yes, I did because I made several comments DURING the debate as it happened. Look it up. But did you watch because if you did you must have watched a different one.
  5. Holy smoke! Are you kidding? Did you even watch the debate? Weaver clearly won the debate.
  6. Horgan seems a little nervous tonight. Especially against Weaver. I think Horgan is not expecting the spirited attack from Weaver.
  7. So far Dr. Weaver is doing very well. Very animated. Good debate with Horgan.
  8. Debate on TV about to begin. 5 more minutes.
  9. People are often confused why a government can have a balanced budget and yet have debt. It is quite simple. There is a Operating Budget and a Capital Budget. The BC Liberals have a balanced OPERATING budget. All their debt is from capital spending like bridges, roads, and other infrastructure. From the Financial Post:
  10. That's funny, that is the same source of information I based my post on. From the same link:
  11. People like O'Leary who have no political experience are unfit for office as we see down South. Some say Trudeau and Obama don't have the qualifications to be leader because of their inexperience but at they were elected as MP and Senator for at least 1 term, so they know the ropes. The person in France, Macron, also have no political experience, same as OLeary and Trump. I bet he will be a disaster. As for Bernier, he is the best choice for the Conservatives because he is from Quebec. Quebec is the battleground for the next election because the election will be lost or won there. Latest polls show Liberal support in Ontario has slipped a little but Liberal support in Quebec is rising. Mainly due to the collapse in NDP support in Quebec. The NDP vote next time will likely go to the Liberals, thus assuring them of another majority.
  12. We don't need 3 Sports Talk Radio Stations in Vancouver. Why don't we get rid of 1410 and use that station for Oldie music? No one listens to 1410 anyway and they are always at the bottom of ratings. 1410 used to be call CFUN, a rock station in the 1960's.
  13. In 1970, Buffalo and Vancouver were expansion teams, and had an expansion draft. Either Buffalo or Vancouver would get the 1st pick. So the Vancouver had a 50% chance to get the 1st pick. They used a roulette wheel to determine the winner. We lost and got Dale Tallon and Buffalo got Gilbert Perreault, a Superstar. from the internet:
  14. from Time Colonist: The B.C. Liberal, NDP and Green leaders will hold a TV debate Wednesday night, 6:30 to 8 p.m. It will be broadcast on CTV Vancouver, Global B.C., and BC1. - It's show time in British Columbia's election campaign with Wednesday's debate between the three party leaders offering a high-stakes chance to leave a mark on the campaign with about two weeks to the finish line. The debate is one of the few opportunities the leaders have to directly challenge each other, all the while under the intense glare of live TV cameras where body language counts as much as scoring verbal points. It's a pressure-cooker audition where solid performances and unscripted moments can inspire voters and shift campaigns. Christy Clark's Liberals have mounted a largely stay-the-course campaign so far, highlighting their stewardship of Canada's top-performing economy and posting five consecutive balanced budgets. The New Democrats under John Horgan are trying to persuade voters that after 16 years of Liberal governments, British Columbia needs a change, running on the slogan that the NDP will run a government that's on the side of the little guy and not beholden to corporations and wealthy individual donors. Horgan's promises to drop tolls on two Vancouver-area bridges, freeze hydro rates and eliminate medical services premiums drew dire warnings from the Liberals about higher taxes and deficits. Green Leader Andrew Weaver said he plans to stick to the issues and stay away from the acrimonious exchanges between Horgan and Clark that were featured in last week's radio debate. "I'm looking forward to that clash," said Weaver, a climate scientist and university professor. "But I will not degrade the debate to the level of personal insults." The radio debate might be remembered for a moment when Horgan asked Clark not to touch him after she put her hand on his arm and told him to calm down. Weaver, meanwhile, raised his hand to get the moderator's attention. "I love to debate policy," said Weaver. "I found that debate utterly disrespectful between the two leaders. We're not going to go down that rabbit hole. We'll let them fight it out." The New Democrats say the debate is an important event in the campaign leading up to the May 9 election. "Debates matter and the performance matters," said Glen Sanford, the NDP's deputy director. "It's the time when British Columbians will really tune into the campaign." On Sunday, Clark said she's optimistic about her party's chances but acknowledged the race still has a long way to go. "There's a reason there are 28 days in a campaign, because we spend every day talking about the things that we stand for and the things that we believe in," Clark said. Norman Ruff, a retired political scientist, said most people don't watch an entire debate but the sound bites and news stories about its defining moments could dominate the campaign for days.
  15. This time is different. I sense people are really fed up with Christy Clark and the BC Liberals. And the NDP is running an excellent campaign compared to 2013. The NDP is targeting voters with a lot of promises that are popular with voters Just today the NDP promised a new Burnaby hospital. Other promises: - $400 Renter Grant - No tolls south of Fraser - That will win every riding in Surrey for sure Remember the Liberals won many of the Metro Vancouver by only a few hundred votes. Only a 1% swing to the NDP will take them all. I can see the NDP sweeping Vancouver and Burnaby and New Westminster.